There are many different home water filters you can choose from if you want contaminate-free water. You need to do a little research before you buy one, but the process is not laborious. You should ask yourself a few questions like do you want to filter all of your water with one unit, or do want multiple units that will Samsung refrigerator water filter at the point of use. You may also want to ask how do home water filters work.

Home Water Filters Work

If you want to filter all of your water with one unit, you will look at a whole house water filter system. These are usually located at the main water supply into the house or building you want to filter. There are various types available including reverse osmosis, steam water distillers, and carbon filters, plus others.

Steam Water Distillers

Point of use models includes filters within refrigerators, where the water is dispensed at the refrigerator door, water pitchers with filters included, sport water bottles with filters, under counter water filters, countertop water filters, shower water filters.

Shower Water Filters

Before you buy you need to decide if you want a pitcher or water bottle full of water filtered at the time, or do you want a filter that will filter continuous glasses at a time. The pitchers and sports water bottle filters are portable, so they have that advantage, where the other types filter much more water without having to change the filter. So, you need to know just how much water will you be screening at a time.

When looking at under the counter versus countertop, you need to decide where you want the filtering unit to reside. If you are limited in counter space, you may choose the under counter water filter.

If you are like me and just moved into a new house with a new countertop and sink, that does not have an extra hole to run the water hose through, and you have plenty of counter space, you may agree with your husband that it is easier to have the countertop model, instead of trying to talk him into putting another hole in the counter. Of course, maybe you planned and had that extra hole put it, which I (or my husband!) missed when placing in the kitchen sink.

When asking how do home water filters work, we will look at the three types I mentioned. The steam water distillers boil the water. The pure steam lifts away from the contaminants and is cooled down in a separate container, while the contaminates stay behind in the boiler tank, and are then flushed down the drain.

Reverse osmosis works by forcing water under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane or a series of layers. The smaller the pores, the less contaminates can get through, but only things that have heavier molecules than water will be filtered out of the water, meaning some chemicals may still be in the water after going through the reverse osmosis system.

Both the steam distilled and the reverse osmosis system filter out the trace minerals in the water, which are beneficial to your health and helps to keep your body in balance.

With a carbon filter, water is passed through either granular carbon or a carbon block, which removes sediments, microorganisms, and organic compounds. Depending on the size and quality of the unit, the water may pass through 7 or even eight layers to filter out more and more contamination.

7 Or Even Eight Layers To Filter Out More And More Contamination

Now you know the basics of how home water filters work, and you know the various types of home water filters. Now you need to act on this knowledge and purchase a home water filter for your home, so you too can drink non-contaminated water for better health.