How are drinking water quality standards determined? This is an interesting and very important question that far too many people don't know the answer to drinking water filter system.

Those of us that live in developed nations tend to take for granted our water is perfectly safe for us to drink, but the reality of the quality of our drinking water is very different from public perception.

For some reason we have come to believe we are protected from the literally tens of thousands chemicals, pharmaceuticals, toxic heavy metals, bacteria, and parasites present in our reservoir system.

To a certain extent we are protected, but not to the point that the Environmental Protection Agency and water treatment facilities would like us to think. You really have to take everything these sources tell you with a grain of salt.

I will admit these agencies have done a good job in stemming waterborne diseases through the use of chloramine disinfectants, but there are still dangerous parasites present in your water when it reaches your home.

Cysts are a special disinfectant resistant strain of parasites, and there is currently nothing the EPA or water treatment facilities can do about them. And, they really can't do much about anything else either.

How are drinking water quality standards determined? What the EPA has done is base their determination as far as safe levels of contaminants on what would be safe for a 175 lb. man to consume. Of course, this leaves everyone weighing less than 175 lbs out in the cold, and directly in dangers path.

This means most women and children have not even been taken into consideration when it comes to drinking water safety.

The truth is that in reality a 175 lb. man is not even safe from the negative effects of the contaminants present in our water, and this is especially true of chemicals. You can't base a safe level for consumption on an individual chemical, because there are multiple chemicals present in most people's home drinking water. Two or more chemicals together have a reaction which makes each of the chemicals infinitely more powerful.

What this means is that the supposed safe levels for each individual chemicals doesn't have any bearing on the effect each chemical is actually capable of having on the body.

You also must take into consideration that in addition to unreliable "safe" measurements, the treatment facilities cannot block any chemical agents or toxic heavy metals from entering the public water system. This guarantees members of your family are ingesting multiple contaminants with each glass of tap water they consume.

The best way to ensure that the water your family members are ingesting is safe is to install your own line of defense against water contamination. A quality, affordable tap water purifiers armed with activated granular carbon, ion exchange, and sub micron filtration is the answer to removing as much as 99.99% of the contamination currently present in your water.

How are drinking water quality standards determined? Not as wisely as they should be, and this is why a tap water purifier is the best solution you have to what has become a very serious problem with contamination in our water.