AquaCrest Replacement for Culligan Water Filter RC-EZ-4

AquaCrest Replacement for Culligan Water Filter RC-EZ-4


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  • Works exactly like the original filter without water leaks
  • Provides 6 months or 600 gallons of refreshing water
  • Free shipping and 100% money back guarantee

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$24.50 /pack

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$24.50 /pack

Price $ 29.99 (18.31% off)

AquaCrest Replacement for Culligan Water Filter RC-EZ-4

The AquaCrest AQU-RC-EZ-4 is replacement for Culligan Water Filter RC-EZ-4. The AQU-RC-EZ-4 water filter is made from premium coconut carbon block to remove chlorine, taste and odor in your drinking water.


Product Information

Compatible with:
  • Culligan Water Filter RC-EZ-4, US-EZ-4, RV-EZ-4
  • Dupont WFQTC90001, AquaCrest AQU-RC-EZ-4

*Please note this is a compatible water filter. The water filter is not sourced by or sponsored by Culligan. The manufacturer's name and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. AquaCrest is an independent brand.

Operation Specification:
  • Temp Range: 33 - 100 °F
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Pressure Range: 30 - 120 psi
  • Capacity: 500 gallons
Operating Specifications
Min. operating temperature 4.4℃/40℉
Max. operating temperature 38℃/100℉
Min. workding pressure 210 kPa/30 psi
Max. workding pressure 689 kPa/100 psi
Rated capacity 1890 litres/500 gallons
Flow rate 1.9 lpm/0.5 gpm

Refined Design

Expertly designed to promise a perfect fit the original without the mess

900 Gallons Filter Life

Replace your filter every 6 months or 900 gallons, whichever comes first

Cost-effective Choice

Offer reasonable price without compromising quality

Owner's Manual



Perfect Fit
By JC on 1/2/2019
Fit perfect.... three for less than one my the manufacturer. The RC-EZ Undersink wrorks very well

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No, RC-EZ-4 is different from RC-EZ-1.
Every 500 gallons or 6 months, but it depends. It will vary with your water quality.
AquaCrest Replacement for Culligan Water Filter RC-EZ-4