AquaCrest Replacement for Dupont Faucet Water Filter WFFMC303X (Set of 3)

AquaCrest Replacement for Dupont Faucet Water Filter WFFMC303X (Set of 3)


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  • Fits Dupont Faucet Water Filter WFFMC103X
  • Made from Korean premium carbon block, along with Japanese coconut activated carbon
  • Reduce Chlorine, Taste and Odor
  • Remove Lead, Cyst, Mercury, Benzene and Endrin
  • Works exactly like the original filter
  • Provides 200 gallons of refreshing water

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AquaCrest AQU-FMC303X is replacement for Dupont Faucet Water Filter WFFMC303X. The AQU-FMC303X water filter is made from Korean premium carbon block, along with Japanese coconut activated carbon. This model removes chlorine, taste and odor as well as specific health-related contaminants such as Lead, Cyst, Benzene and Carbofuran in your drinking water.


*Please note this is a compatible water filter. The water filter is not sourced by or sponsored by Dupont. The manufacturer's name and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. AquaCrest is an independent brand.

Customer Reviews

Good taste and nice price its a win win

These cartridges fit just as easy on my DuPont water filter. As others have noted, they have a better water flow than the DuPont cartridges ever did. I don’t have any water testing devices, so whether it’s doing the same, better, or worse job, I can’t say. Taste wise, I find the “flavor” of the water to be better than the DuPont cartridges. Even my wife, who only drinks bottled water, commented that the water “tasted” better with these cartridges. At this price, I will definitely be reordering.

I used these for the first time about 2 weeks ago. They were easy to install, cheaper than the original and does allow the water to flow quicker. I read a number of reviews that said the same thing about the water flowing quicker and wondered if they are doing the job. I tasted the water before and after going through these devices and I see a much better quality of water after the filter--i.e., no taste, clear, etc. I would recommend anyone to give these a try not only because of the price, but also for the speed at which the water flows through.

Compared to the DuPont filters they flow more water but I don't know if that means they filter less efficiently. I was going to take one star off because they don't have the amount of gallons it can filter before replacement printed on them like the Dupont filters do. This would have stopped my family from asking me when is it time to change the filter. I guess this is easily solvable with a sharpie so didn't deduct a star.

Half the price of dupont filters. Same quality. Very pleased with these. These are hard to find filters so when I came across them I was a bit skeptical. Once I got these I was very pleased. Will buy again!

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AquaCrest Replacement for Dupont Faucet Water Filter WFFMC303X