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Why is a filter necessary?

From the source to the water treatment facility, through miles of pipes, contaminants- such as chlorine, lead, microbial cysts, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and herbicides- come at any point during its journey to your home, Water filtration is about taking action for yourself & your family to reduce amounts of contaminants in your water.

Why is Waterdrop extraordinary´╝č

To be trusted is an honor. Keeping this in mind, Waterdrop is committed to providing products with if not better at least the same quality as the OEM at an affordable price, ensuring the safety of water and improving life quality for those who choose and trust us.

How to install?

The installation instructions would be found in every pack. Please look through it carefully before your installation. It is quite easy to operate, and no tools are required. Please remember to flush the filter for 5 minutes before the water goes clear.

How long will the filter last?

The amount of dissolved solids in tap water varies in different areas.It depends on the initial quality of your unfiltered tap water. Normally, it would be better to replace the filter every 6 months or sooner if water flow is reduced or if there is heavy sediment/rust present.