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LG Refrigerator Water Filter LT500P by Waterdrop Advanced

Waterdrop Water Filter Replacement For LG LT500P Refrigerator Water Filter NSF53&42

NSF 53&42 Certified, Free Shipping

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$18.00 /pack

Price $ 39.99 (54.99% off)

$18.00 /pack

Price $ 39.99 (54.99% off)


Product Information

LG Replacement LT500P, 5231JA2002A, 5231JA2002A-S
ATAG Replacement AK100V, 6572447, 88009234
Kenmore Replacement 46-9890, 469890, 9890

*Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

Ultra Fresh

Reducing chlorine, taste and odor, our filter delivers water with a refreshing taste, much like mountain spring water.

Ultra Pure

Removing most of the health-related contaminants, our filter delivers healthy water for you.

Ultra Secure

Featured with superior lead-free material, our filter gives you safe and reliable drinking experience.

Exquisite Design

Precise design and reasonable structure ensures a leak-free fit.

Replace Every 6 Months

Rplace your filter every 6 months or 300 gallons to achieve optimum performance.

Better Water Better World

1 Waterdrop® Purchase* = 1 Donation
With every purchase of Waterdrop® product, we will provide 1 child in need with 1 day of clean water.

Operating Specification

Operating Pressure

Operating Temperature

Flow Rate

Installation Manual



Replacement Brand ATAG, LG


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Yes, it is certified by NSF International to NSF 53 and 42. And you can find this model on NSF website for detailed NSF information.
Yes, it perfectly fits.
Yes. This filter is certified to NSF 53 to reduce 99.6% of lead in water.