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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


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  • [600 GPD]: faster water flow ensures you fill up a cup of water in just 8 seconds.
  • [1.5:1 low drain ratio]: dispensing 1.5 cups of pure water produces only 1 cup of wastewater, saving 450% of water compared to conventional RO.
  • [5-stage composite filter]: Waterdrop D6 reverse osmosis system adopts a 5-in-1 composite filter with a DOW reverse osmosis membrane that has a pore size of 0.0001 μm.
  • [Tankless & easy installation] The D6 reverse osmosis system employs a tankless design and composite filter. The tankless design prevents recontamination in the water tank.
  • [Smart designer faucet]: The system comes with a smart designer faucet that has a high-end screen. The screen shows the real-time TDS level and the remaining life of the filter.
Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
New breakthrough: Waterdrop 5-in-1 FIST filter
Costs you less
Replace just 1 filter every year. With conventional RO, you have to replace 7 filters a year.
Saves more time
3-second replacement. No tools required.
Much smaller
The system comes with only 1 filter. The sleek design saves more undersink space.
Advanced technology
With the 5-in-1 composite filter, we ensure that every drop of water is safe and pure.
Why do you need a reverse osmosis system?
Your drinking water may be contaminated by an unclean water source or tap water. Drinking unclean water for a long time will affect your skin, digestive system, teeth, nervous system, etc.
The RO membrane has a pore size of 0.0001 μm, which does not allow large molecules or ions to pass through it. Therefore, it reduces most contaminants and over 90% of TDS can be reduced after complete flushing.
*If you use well water as the source, please ensure that the feed water is pre-filtered.
*An electrical outlet is required to operate the RO system.
Waterdrop was founded in 2015 with the wish to provide trustworthy water purification solutions to solve any water issues. The brand is dedicated to providing people around the world with the highest quality products to truly purify their drinking water. The name Waterdrop comes from the desire to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last satisfying drop.
Innovative technology
Reduce most harmful contaminant
The composite 5-stage filtration intercepts most harmful contaminants such as salt, atrazine, nitrates, PFAS, lead, sodium, chromium, benzene, etc. You need to replace the filter only once a year.
1.5:1 low drain ratio
Dispensing 1.5 cups of pure water will produce only 1 cup of wastewater. Compared to traditional RO systems with a water tank, the D6 RO system saves 450% of water.
600 GPD fast water flow
You will get a cup of water in 8 seconds owing to a water flow rate of 600 GPD, which is 12x more efficient than traditional reverse osmosis systems. A booster pump with a huge capacity and an advanced filter membrane create more effective filtration.
Designer smart faucet
The designer smart faucet comes with a screen, which can display the real-time TDS value and remind you to replace the filter.
Refreshing & tasty water
After removing most of the limescale from your water, you can enjoy coffee with a luxurious aroma.
With the FIST filter, the filtered water contains no harmful chemicals. Now you can enjoy better-tasting meals.
RO water is especially good for making baby formula because it is purified.
Tasty water is also preferred by your pets, as RO water helps them stay hydrated and, therefore, energetic.
Customer Reviews
*Some reviews are from for the same product.
Nice and sleek product. Takes less space than traditional tank based ro filters. I like that is shows the tds on the faucet.Some negatives- takes 2 seconds for water to start flowing (although not a big deal in daily use)- the tds at the start is a bit higher If you haven
Love this RO System!
The Waterdrop unit isn't a big bulky tank taking up all of the space under the sink like many are. Although tankless, the unit has great filtering producing great-tasting water quickly while wasting less water. It has a huge (600 gallon per day) capacity although with a little less pressure than a tank. Its smart LED faucet shows me how pure the water is that is coming out. It takes a moment to get used to there being a couple of seconds of delay between turning it on and the water starting to flow (unlike the instant response from a tank RO) but it is no big deal and totally worth it if you want to avoid a bulky, wasteful tank RO.
Beautiful and great RO system!
The water in my area is hard and I would never drink the water. But after years of buying bottle water, we thought it was time to go the RO route. After doing some research, we came to decide on getting the WaterDrop WD-D6-B. One of the important factors on deciding this model over the other ones is that this had the cool TDS reader on the faucet. Secondly, i only had to deal with one filter.The installation was quite simple. Took me less than an hour (and I
Easy install. Works as described.
Easy install. Works as described.
Great water. Love it.
Great company and great clean water