Undersink Integrated Dual Carbon Filtration System Waterdrop TSC-W

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Dual carbon block filters The carbon block filters can effectively reduce chlorine, lead, taste and odor, and other harmful heavy metals, greatly improving the taste of water, thereby ensuring safe, delicious drinking water.
Advanced integrated waterway This under sink filter system has a cutting-edge integrated waterway to prevent water leakage. This allows you to replace the filters without cutting off the water supply, thereby giving you a safe and secure water purification experience.
Smart indicating system The smart indicating system allows you to check the working mode at a glance. By changing color, the electronic indicators on the front panel will notify you when it’s time to replace the filters, thereby ensuring safe and clean purified water all day long.
Zero waste water Unlike other water filtration systems that generate a lot of waste water, this drinking water filter system produces prime-quality purified water with zero waste water. Waterdrop understands the importance of fresh water and is dedicated to delivering purified water that is socially equitable, economically beneficial.
Best-tasting water The dual carbon block water filtration system provides the best-tasting water while retaining beneficial minerals.
Extended service life The advanced filter design allows the filters to perform with an extend service life up to 12 months, which reduces the frequency of future filter replacements and saves on maintenance costs.
Easy installation Designed for home DIY, this under sink water filter system can be completely installed in approximately 30 minutes. In just 3 seconds, the filter can be changed with a single twist-pull, without tools.
Compact design The sleek and compact design saves a lot of under-sink space and keeps your kitchen tidier and cleaner. Water is filtered directly and delivered immediately. You can enjoy a better kitchen and home experience.
Can this system reduce TDS?
Please note that this Undersink Water Filtration System cannot reduce TDS.
TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It is composed of inorganic salts and a small amount of organic matter. This filter cannot lower the TDS value because it removes harmful substances while retaining minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which are beneficial for your body.
If you need to reduce TDS, the Waterdrop RO System will be an excellent choice. For details, please search ASIN: B07P1XFYJP, B082CZ9XZ9, B082D177MX.
Can the system filter well water?
No. This system is designed for Municipal Tap Water. If using well water as the source, please make sure the feed water has been through a pre-filtration system, otherwise, large particles in well water will clog the filter easily and shorten filter life.
Why do you choose Waterdrop?
Waterdrop Integrated DC Filtration System achieves great filtration performance. Aside from the PP filter for large impurity removal, the carbon block filters effectively reduce chlorine, lead, taste and odor, and other harmful heavy metals, significantly improving the taste of water. The innovative filter design allows the system to remove contaminants while improving the taste of drinking water, providing safer water for you and your loved ones. Unlike other water purification systems that generate a lot of waste water, this under sink water filtration system produces prime-quality purified water with zero waste water. The drinking water filter system does not require an undersink electricity supply, which means you do not have to worry about your power supply under the kitchen cabinet. Therefore, you can drink clean and safe purified water even in emergencies like a power blackout.
Filter life: PP filter: 6 months, CS filter: 12 months, CT filter: 12 months
Packing list: ·Waterdrop Integrated DC Filtration System×1 ·Faucet×1 ·PP filter×1 ·CS filter×1 ·CT filter×1 ·1/4” PE tubing×1 ·3/8” PE tubing×1 ·3/8”-1/2” feed water adapter×1 set ·Lock clip×4 ·Teflon tape×1 ·AA battery×3
More Information
Product Information
Package Dimensions 19 x 19 x 7 inches
Item Weight 14.62 pounds
Manufacturer Waterdrop
Batteries 3 AA batteries required. (included)
Fabric Type If you need the replacement PP filter for WD-TSU or WD-TSC, please search for B08T1F7DVT.
Batteries Required? Yes
Questions and Anwsers

How do I install the ultra-filtration under-sink filtration system?

Please refer to the following steps. Besides, you can get detailed instructions and a user manual on the product page.
Step 1: Install the feed water adapter.
Step 2: Install the faucet.
Step 3: Install the batteries and place the system.
Step 4: Connect tubing.
Step 5: Start up the system.

How often to change the filters of this Under Sink Filtration System?

The PP filter has a 6-month lifespan; the CS filter has a 12-month lifespan; the CT filter has a 12-month lifespan.
Note: Filter life may vary depending on source water quality and water usage. Please replace the filter according to the filter life indicators.
There are helpful electronic filter indicators (PP/CS/CT) on the front panel of this Under Sink Filtration System, which will notify you of the filter replacement by the color change and beep. You can learn how electronic filter indicators work from the user manual on our product page.

What are the differences between this ultrafiltration system (WD-TSU) and the dual carbon system (WD-TSC)?

The main difference between TSC and TSU are:
Filtration accuracy: TSU 0.01μm / TSC 0.5μm
Different filter: TSC: 3 filters, PP+CS+CT / TSU: 3 filters, PP+UF+CT
The TSU can reduce the bacteria from the source water while the TSC cannot.

Can I use the Waterdrop UF filter on this under-sink dual carbon filtration system?

You could not use the UF filter on this TSC system. There is a difference between the logic and settings of the smart filter life reminder in TSC and TSU, therefore the installation of the UF replacement filter to TSC will affect your judgment of the filter's service life. We do not recommend this.

How much wastewater the under-sink dual carbon filtration system will produce?

This dual carbon filtration system produces prime-quality purified water with zero wastewater, better than other water filtration systems that generate an amount of wastewater.
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Undersink Integrated Dual Carbon Filtration System Waterdrop TSC-W