Waterdrop Water Line Connection Kit for WD-10/15/17UA Series, connect to Fridge/ Ice Maker

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    • [Compatibility] The kit is compatible with Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filtration Systems WD-10UA, WD-15UA, and WD-17UA, and with any water filtration system with a thread braided hose, including Frizzlife MK99, SK99, Woder 10K-Gens, 10K-DC, APEC CS-2500, etc.
    • [Versatility] Delivers fresh, purified water from your water filtration system to your refrigerator dispenser and ice maker. Get easy access to cool and crisp water all day long!
    • [Easy installation] Simple installation designed for DIY. No need for plumbing services. It may be compatible with most fridge and ice maker under the circumstances of fridge water pressure of 30-40 psi.
    • [Prime quality accessories] Ultra-safe, BPA-free, quick-connect fittings. The high-quality Tee valve prolongs the service life and ensures a leak-free water purification experience.
    • [Inside the kit] Metallic Tee feed water adaptor, compression fitting nut *2 sets (2 inserts, 2 sleeves, 2 nuts), 1/4” PE tubing, Teflon tape.
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    Easy Installation Connect the Tee valve with the 1/4” tubing.
    Connect the Tee valve to the filtration system.
    Connect the 1/4” tubing to the refrigerator.
    Versatile Connection If you have previously connected your refrigerator to another under sink water filtration system, please refer to type A and connect accordingly;
    Otherwise, please refer to type B and connect directly from the back of the refrigerator. The kit contains accessories that fit different sizes.
    All Covered Kit A complete kit designed for DIY. The Waterdrop Fridge Connection Kit has all the tools you need to connect your undersink water filtration system to your refrigerator and ice maker. Enjoy clean, safe, purified water and ice all the time!
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    Waterdrop Water Line Connection Kit for WD-10/15/17UA Series, connect to Fridge/ Ice Maker