About Us

We want to make the best quality drinking water accessible to everyone around the world. That is why we have continuously put out diverse water treatment solutions and water filtration products for all households. Waterdrop, AQUACREST, Waterspecialist, FilterLogic, and Maxblue are a few of the most patronized brands on Amazon, with impressive feedback from customers. We are the go-to water filtration brand for most households in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia, and other regions.
Our products range from middle to high-end, cost-effective solutions that make drinking water healthy for everyone. There are over 200 whole house water purification products from our brand, including refrigerator water filters, reverse osmosis water filter systems, under sink water filter systems, whole house water filter systems, and countertop water filter systems. We currently have over 100 patents to our name from various countries, conferred on products made especially for the restroom, kitchen, and other areas in homes. In addition, we have products designed for use in outdoor or corporate settings, including camping or hiking, RV, restaurants, café, and offices. The technical requirements of each product are different based on their functions. The diversity ensures everyone gets what they need to enjoy clean and pure drinking water.
Waterdrop – The Pioneer Tankless RO System Brand
Our extensive product line at Waterdrop comprises reverse osmosis water filter systems, under sink water filter systems, whole house water filter systems, outdoor water filters, and refrigerator water filters. We have successfully secured NSF, CSA, WQA, FCC, UL, WARS, UPC, and other standard certifications for most of our products. The G3 RO system has a Red Dot award. We are committed to providing households across the world with healthy drinking water with a touch of convenience and perfection.
Since we entered the market in 2016, we have contributed to the advancement of the global market with precise product positioning and the adoption of best-in-class technologies. At AQUACREST, we are focused on helping customers meet their household water needs. From under sink water filters and refrigerator filters to coffee machine water filters and faucet water filters, we have rolled out efficient products with safe and premium filtration materials to help you purify your water and improve the taste.
Waterspecialist is all about providing pure and quality water for each family by leveraging advanced purification technology. By prioritizing research and development, we have come up with widely accepted coffee machine water filters, water pitcher filters, under sink water filters, and refrigerator water filters. We are well-known for premium, efficient, and long-lasting water purifiers.
Filterlogic is committed to rolling out outstanding refrigerator water filters that perform as advertised. While work is ongoing on our RV filter and garden filter products, we currently combine an innovative technology setup and a resourceful research team to get the best out of water purification technology. As a result, we are proud to put out products that have successfully passed laboratory tests for filtration performance and compatibility.
At Maxblue, we believe everyone deserves the best quality and healthy drinking water. Our refrigerator filters are not only efficient but also cost less than similar models from other brands. As a result, you can easily get rid of harmful contaminants and enjoy clean, pure, filtered water at all times.
As part of our customer-centered shopping experience, you get access to our 24-hour support team any time of the day for free.
Once we receive your order, our warehousing team gets to the processing and ensures you get the product as scheduled.
Asides from our continuous striving towards innovation and perfection, we are also committed to providing shared value and positively impacting society. For example, our Water4Smile Project, in alliance with The Water Project, helps us take clean water closer to the poorer areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Our deliverables include two water solutions for local schools, personal and environmental hygiene education, newly-constructed blocks of six toilets, and the installation of two handwashing stations. Over 5,000 students have benefited from this project so far.