AQUACREST 5 Years Capacity-Inline Water Filter for Refrigerator with 1/4-Inch Direct Connect Fittings, Adapted to Ice Maker, Refrigerator, Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

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AQUACREST AQ-INL-S In-Line Refrigerator Filter
The AQUACREST Inline Water Filter can be used in Refrigerators, Ice Makers, Coffee Makers, Drinking Water Fountains, Water Coolers, Beverage Equipment, Sink Faucets, RV, Campers, Boats and RO systems.
Compatible with most refrigerator filter brands such as Samsung, GE, LG, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and so on.
Multiple uses
Advanced performance and material This inline water filter reduce 98% of chlorine, taste and odor for better-tasting water. Our superior filter is also lead-free compliance, giving you the essential protection against insecure material.
Say farewell to overpriced refrigerator filters With a wide range of refrigerators supported, you can now replace your expensive but inefficient refrigerator filters with our inline water filter. You get to spend little on maintenance while getting maximum service life.
Get more ice water Some accessories help you to connect the filter to your refrigerator or ice maker out of the box. You will enjoy more crystal ice and ice filtered water. Unlike traditional refrigerator filters, the inline water filter filters more efficiently with no serious maintenance required.
Upgraded water quality This inline water filter is suitable for your refrigerator dispenser and ice maker. You will get better-tasting water and crystal clear ice cubes from your refrigerator.
Why choose the AQUACREST In-Line Refrigerator Filter?
Cost-effective You will save more on refrigerator filters when you buy the AQUACREST In-Line Refrigerator Filter. Thanks to the improved design, the filter has an extended lifespan of 5 years, reducing the need for frequent filter replacements. If you seek a more effective water filter that always offers clean and healthy drinking water, this is your best choice.
5-minute simple installation The filter comes with both 1/4” compression and push-to-connect fittings for plastic or copper water lines. Installation takes only 5 minutes, saving you time and effort. No additional plumbing service required!
Cool purified water from your refrigerator Most refrigerator models work with the AQUACREST In-Line Refrigerator filter, including Frigidaire, LG, GE, and Samsung. In either case, you can rest assured of crisp, cool, and tasty water from your refrigerator dispensers in an instant – what most refrigerator filters do not offer.
To reduce the risk of property damage due to water leakage, this filter MUST be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and instructions. 1. This filter unit must be replaced every 5,000 gallons or 5 years. 2. Do not use this product at temperatures under 32°F/0°C. Otherwise, the product will freeze.
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Product Information
Item Weight ‎15.2 ounces
Package Dimensions ‎11.1 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches
Color ‎White
Style ‎Filter
Material ‎Polyethylene
Special Features ‎Filter
Included Components ‎Carbon block
Batteries Included? ‎No
Batteries Required? ‎No
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AQUACREST 5 Years Capacity-Inline Water Filter for Refrigerator with 1/4-Inch Direct Connect Fittings, Adapted to Ice Maker, Refrigerator, Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System