WD-N1-CF Dedicated for Waterdrop WD-N1-W Countertop RO Water Filtration System

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    Remove the water tank
    • Remove the water tank cover. Hold the machine with one hand, and remove the water tank with the other hand.
    Remove the CF filter
    • Open the system top cover, rotate the CF filter 90° to “. ” counterclockwise, and take out the old filter.
    Insert the new filter cartridge
    • Remove the wrappings and protective cap from the new filter.
    • Insert the new filter into its corresponding hole. Rotate it 90° clockwise to the dot identification.
    • Close the system top cover, put the water tank back after filling it with water, and then close the water tank cover.
    Reset and flush
    • Press and hold the “CF” filter life reset button for 5 seconds until the system beeps; the “CF” life indicator light will turn blue and go out.
    • After resetting, it will flush automatically for 5 minutes. During the flush process, the outer ring of the display screen lights up, showing a dynamic clockwise cycle.
    • After 5 minutes, the machine stops flushing and display L1 to remind you to change the water in the feed water tank.
    • Take out the water tank, discard the concentrated water, and add water again.
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    Product Information
    Product Dimensions 2.95 x 2.95 x 12.13 inches
    Item Weight 1.17 pounds
    Manufacturer WATERDROP
    Item model number WD-N1-CF