6 Months Lifetime MB-H7-PAC Filter Replacement for MB-H7 Reverse Osmosis System

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    Utmost Pure Experience
    Provide up to 6 months or 1,000 gallons clean and healthy water for you, which may vary according to local water quality.
    Maxblue Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
    3-in-1 composite filter
    Compatible with Maxblue H7 under sink water filter system
    The system offers a more accurate and precise 5-in-3 composite filters, with a compact and elegant design for improved filtration performance. In comparison to traditional RO systems, Maxblue supports an activated carbon fiber for longer life, with improved chlorine absorption and zero blackish water.
    Efficient Filtration The 3-in-1 activated carbon fiber composite filter reduces chlorine and water scale significantly. The water purifier blocks 10-15μm large particles, thus prolonging the RO filter life.
    Hassle-free Replacement The unique twist-to-lock design allows you to replace each filter in 3 seconds. We are always here to assist you to ensure a smooth replacement. Feel free to reach out!
    Pure And Clean Water Enjoy clean water anytime and anywhere with your family.
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    Product Information
    Brand Name Maxblue
    Color White
    Material Highly Precise PP Cotton & Activated Carbon Fiber
    Model Number MB-H7-PAC
    Part Number MB-H7-PAC
    Purification Method Reverse Osmosis