Waterdrop 9004 Home Odor Absorber, Deodorizer and Eliminator for Refrigerator, Closet, Kitchen, Room, Eco Friendly

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Key Features
  • [Odor Reduction From Generating Source]: The 360° deodorization effect of Waterdrop odor eliminator reduces most offensive odors and gases from the generating source. It can last 2-3 times longer lifespan if compared with standard baking soda and activated charcoal.
  • [Extend Food Shelf Life]: Reducing impurities from the surface of fruits and vegetables or achieving the effect of impurities and odor reduction, it can effectively prolong the food freshness cycle.
  • [Compact Size and Multi-Scene Applications]: The product size is small, no plug-in, very convenient to use. It can be placed it in any location, including wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bathroom, refrigerator, and more.
  • [Visual Bottom Window]: The operation process is simple and convenient. Just press and horizontally shake it, so that the gel forms uniformly and start acting. The product can last up to 3 months and can be visualized in real-time through the bottom window.
  • [Safe, Green, Upgraded Ingredients]: Waterdrop odor eliminator adopts safe and efficient materials certified by the World Health Organization A1 level. It can be applied to water treatment, item surfaces, medical equipment, fruits and vegetables, pipes, air environment, and so on.
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