Waterdrop inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter with Direct Connect Fittings

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Refrigerators with built-in water dispensers are nifty. You can take out a glass and fill it up with just a single press of a button. It’s convenient and easy to access. Plus, you won’t have to stock up so much on bottled water. But over time, its filter goes through wear and tear. While this may be par for the course, worn filters lose their effectiveness in reducing impurities. As a result, bad odors and odd aftertastes become apparent in your drink. The In-Line Refrigerator Filter by Waterdrop renews your source of clean, fresh-tasting water!
Improve water quality
Water is life, and it’s something that we have to keep clean. Fortunately, that’s easy to do with our cutting-edge water filtration system! With it, you can have excellent quality drinking water straight from your fridge.
It is able to improve the taste of water from your dispenser while eliminating sediments and other impurities. Drink glassfuls of water that’s consistently clean and great-tasting.
Wide compatibility
Use our water filter for different appliances! It’s universally compatible by design, allowing you to install it on a wide range of refrigerator brands.
You can also set up our filter on ice makers, water fountains, coolers, boats, and campers. Crystal clear ice cubes and refreshing water have never been more accessible.
More reasons to love the fridge filter by waterdrop:
Premium Materials, premium craftsmanship Good design is at the heart of our water filtration system. We’ve selected the materials to make it durable and tougher against wear and the daily water and ice needs of a full household or office. This feature also protects your refrigerator filters and prevents clogging.
Easy installation We want our product to be as convenient as it could be. That’s why we’ve designed this water filter to be something you can install without any hassles. Everything you need is included in the purchase. Just a single twist is all it takes to install the filter–no need to cut your fridge’s tubes. Follow the directions closely and you’ll have it up and processing water in 5 minutes. No wasted time or effort!
Economical purchase Take comfort in knowing that your purchase of our water filter will last you a long time. We’ve designed this product to have an extended lifespan so you can get your money’s worth. The in-line filter is good for up to 1,400 gallons of water. Choose our product and you won’t have to replace your filters every so often. Enjoy cleaner, refreshing water for longer and less trips to the hardware store.
Can the system reduce TDS?
TDS stands for total dissolved solids and is basically composed of inorganic salts and a small amount of organic matter. The system can reduce harmful substances while keeping beneficial trace elements, though it is not designed for significant TDS reduction. Please choose Waterdrop RO system if you’d like to reduce TDS.
What is the filter service life?
In-line filter: 1400 gallons
Does the filter need to be flushed after installation?
Yes, it is recommended that you turn on the faucet and flush the filter for 5 minutes after installation. The filter media has coconut shell activated carbon, so you may see black water while you flush.
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Waterdrop inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter with Direct Connect Fittings