Waterdrop Gravity-fed Water Filter System, Metal Water Level Spigot and Stand, Reduces up to 99% of Chlorine & Fluoride, WD-TK-S

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    Metallic Water Level Spigot The King Tank gravity-fed water filter system comes with a metallic water level spigot that helps you monitor the water level in the lower chamber easily and accurately. This reminds you to add water right on time. Unlike the plastic spigot, this water level spigot included in the box is made of high-quality metal materials. Hence, it is easy to connect and ensures no leakage.
    Superior Filtration Performance Superior Filtration Performance You can rest assured of getting a high-level filtration performance from the King Tank water filter. It reduces up to 98% of fluoride initially and up to 98.95% of chlorine. The system also reduces other contaminants including heavy metals, sediment, rust, soil, sand, and even strange taste and odor. Waterdrop is here to protect your health by providing you with clean, safe drinking water.
    Longer Filter Lifespan The two fluoride filters (white) and the two carbon filters (black) in the King Tank are designed to effectively filter up to 1,000 gallons of water and 6,000 gallons of water, respectively. This can save you up to 45,000 plastic bottles (500ml) over the space of 3.5 years. Go for the King Tank if you expect an economical and sustainable solution to water filtration.
    1. Is there any reason I have a slow initial flow rate?
    This may be due to the wrong installation of the carbon filter. You can check this by removing the filters from the system and submerging them into a tall container containing clean water, such as the lower chamber of your filtration system. The filters either sink or float. Floating means the micropores contain trapped air, while sinking signifies complete saturation. Transfer the filter cartridges into clean water and allow them to sink to the bottom before reinstalling them into the system.
    NB – What you have in your water filtration are fluoride filters. Hence, it is understandable to have a slower flow rate of about 15-20% less under normal conditions.
    2. Why is there water in the upper chamber after filtration?
    Having one or two inches of water in the upper chamber post-filtration is expected. Since you have gravity filters, the water level in the upper chamber drops and leads to a slower filtering process. This is normal, considering there is less water pressure available to push water through the filter elements.
    3. The TDS levels did not drop after filtration. Is this normal?
    This system is not designed to primarily reduce TDS, which is the total amount of mobile charged ions in water. TDS include metals, salts, and minerals, all dissolved in a specific volume of water. Being a gravity-fed water filter system, the filtration process does not eliminate the beneficial materials. It only reduces the harmful materials. You can get a Waterdrop RO water filtration system if you want a filter system that does both.
    4. What is the model number of the replacement water filters, and where can I find them?
    For the white fluoride filter, the model number is PF-2-C, while for the black carbon filter, the filter number is BB9-2. You can find them by searching for the model numbers.
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