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  • [The Ideal Combination of Under Sink Water Filter:]Our under sink üṿ water filter is a reliable and effective solution for clean drinking water. With its advanced üṿ water purification technology, it reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria and E. coli when the flow rate is less than 2L/min, providing you with safe and healthy water. Whether it's connected to your RO system, under sink water filter system, or RV, this üṿ water purifier adapts seamlessly to your needs.
  • [Up to 50 Year Ultra-long Lifespan:]With LED light replacing traditional mercury lamp, our üṿ water filter offers an incredible ultra-long lifespan. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing mercury lamps and glass tubes. Our LED light ensures safety, eliminating mercury leakage concerns and ozone emissions. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your üṿ light for water purification will last for decades.
  • [Intelligent Detection System:]Our product features an intelligent detection system that automatically switches on and off based on water flow. The üṿ light automatically activates when there is water flow and shuts off when the flow stops. This intelligent functionality reduces power consumption and extends the lifespan of the üṿ light. Experience a smarter and more efficient water purification solution.
  • [Durable Stainless Steel and Safe:]Our under sink üṿ water filter adopts durable stainless steel case, and has passed a number of tests, including FCC electromagnetic safety test. It withstands daily impacts and pressure, protecting your family's water quality for the long term.
  • [Easy Installation:]Our under sink üṿ water filter is designed for easy installation without the need for cutting pipes or complicated procedures. With a 1/4 - 3/8 adapter and three-prong power plug, this üṿ under sink water purifier conveniently fits into a 1/4 - 3/8-inch undersink environment. Simply connect it to your existing water system, and enjoy the benefits of clean and purified water.
  • [NOTE:]Non-purified water may cause scale buildup in the UV sterilizer, which adversely affects sterilization.
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