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  1. When Can My Baby Drink Water?
    January 29, 2022

    When Can My Baby Drink Water?

    For parents with newborns at home, you might find the following scenario very familiar: In the parks near home, it is very common to see parents taking their babies out for a walk. The parents will always carry a drinking cup or bottle for their babies (filled the bottle with water), and they will feed the baby once in a while. Some parents who see the scene would ask out of curiosity: Excuse me, what are you feeding the baby? Do newborn babies really need water? What are the dangers of drinking too much water? Can My Baby Drink Water Newborn babies cannot drink water. After the baby starts to eat complementary food at six months, water can be fed, but the daily amount of water intake should be controlled between
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  2. How Does Water Quality Affect The Taste Of Coffee
    January 29, 2022

    How Does Water Quality Affect The Taste Of Coffee

    The world's three major beverages: tea, coffee, cocoa. These three drinks all have a strong bond with water as water is absolutely essential for them. The reason why water is very important for coffee is that 99% of a cup of coffee is water, and the quality of water directly affects the flavor and taste of coffee. This article will break down into details and explain how the water quality affects the coffee flavor and taste from the following aspects: the pH level of water, the hardness of water, the TDS level of water. Check here to learn how to learn more about how to remove TDS in water. How does the water pH affect the coffee taste
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  3. What Is Hard Water And How To Treat It
    January 25, 2022

    What Is Hard Water And How To Treat It

    Hair loss is a real problem that troubles many people. A great number of people, females with long hair, in particular, find a lot of hair on the bathroom floor drain every time after washing the hair. The situation varies as the places change, such as moving, studying, or traveling in different areas or countries. In some places, people lose more hair, and in some places, people lose less. There’s a big chance that it has to do with the hardness of the water. What Is Hard Water? The hardness of water refers to the concentration of salts dissolved in water, that is, the content of calcium salts and magnesium salts. The higher the content, the higher the hardness. GPG is t
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  4. Should I Stop Drinking Bottled Water?
    January 17, 2022

    Should I Stop Drinking Bottled Water?

    With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more focused on living a healthy life. Water, as the most indispensable part of our life, has naturally also been valued by people. In order to drink safe and healthy water, many people choose bottled water, but is this really a good choice? Let’s follow this article to find out. Why should I stop drinking bottled water? There are some serious problems with bottled water that you should know about. Environment Pollution Most bottled water is packaged with disposable plastic bottles using plastic refined from petroleum. The process of producing plastic bottles i
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  5. The Best New Year Gift Is Health
    January 11, 2022

    The Best New Year Gift Is Health

    Happy New Year! It seems to be a universal tradition to set the New Year Resolutions at the beginning of the year. The New Year Resolution ideas used to include things like more reading, more travel, and more exercise. In this coronavirus era, we should set health as the priority thing to achieve. Waterdrop has prepared some New Year gift ideas for you to share with your family and loved ones. Let’s go explore these ideas and learn how to be healthy in 2022. What Can We Do To Keep Healthy? Drink and eat healthily Drinking enough good water and getting enough nutrients should rank as the top one thing in terms of keeping h
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