Why people rather drink expensive bottled water than home tap water? What are the benefits of drinking purified water? This article would explain the questions and introduce great ways to obtain purified water.

Impurities in Tap Water

One biggest advantage of drinking purified water is the protection from impurities in tap water. Though the city tap water has been through the water treatment process to remove major contaminants, the chemicals added during the treatment also bring new safety risks to the drinking water.
Besides the chemical residues, when water travels through the plumbing system to deliver water to your tap, impurities that adhere to the surfaces of the plumbing system would wind up in the water you drink. This situation happens very frequently in old piping systems with corrosion. Below are some examples of the common contaminants found in tap water over the years.

Common impurities in water

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Coliform
  • Pesticides and herbicides

Health influence

As we can tell from the previous list, heavy metals take a large part of the commonly found impurities in tap water. Unlike chemical residues, even small concentrations of heavy metals are harmful to the human body. Please note that once the heavy metals are consumed, they would not be excreted by the body and would accumulate inside us.
Most of the heavy metals would not generate immediate health effects. However, if you consumed these metals daily over a long period, you would be at a higher risk of experiencing severe health issues, which includes cardiovascular disorders, neuronal damage, renal injuries, and risk of cancer and diabetes.

Benefits of Purified Water

The consumption of purified water will provide us with a solid foundation on several fronts. Below is an overview of the major benefits of purified water.

Better for Food Digestion

Drinking purified water can help our digestive system for food digestion. Water is like a lubricant that can break down the food so that the nutrients can be better absorbed and facilitated by our bodies. For people who suffer from constipation, the lack of proper hydration is the main reason. The bowel would need water as a medium to pass through the food. Therefore, it is essential to drink purified water and make sure you can have a smooth bowel movement.

Keeps Slim Figure

Drinking purified water can help you with weight loss. Many nutritionists and health experts have recommended drinking purified water before meals, which has been proven as a healthy way to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. The consumption of purified water is totally calorie-free and you can enjoy much of it. Drinking purified water can also cleanse your body and help discharge the body wastes, which is another key factor in weight control.
Healthy skin of a girl

Promotes Healthy Skin

Drinking enough purified water not only help our body internal systems in a well functioning condition but also our external appearance. Enough purified water intake contributes to healthier skin as water can add direct moisture and improve the elasticity of the skin. Unlike the expensive and unreliable skincare treatments, purified water is an easy, effective, and natural way to enhance skin quality. The well-known daily 8 cups of purified water intake help our bodies to get rid of the harmful toxins and promote enhanced skin health.

Boosts Athletic Performance

When people work out or conduct any type of sports, it is very important to keep the body hydrated. As many people know, water takes the majority part of the human body, about 75% of our muscles are constituted of water. Drinking plenty of purified water can keep our body in a stable cool temperature as well as lubricate the joints and muscles. Enough hydration will reduce the chances of muscle cramps and prevent our bodies from activity injuries.

Cultivate Healthy Water Intake Habits

The major difference between purified water and tap water is the water taste. Unlike tap water that often contains undesirable taste and odor from the city water treatment process, purified water is known for its great taste. It is naturally easier to drink more water when the water tastes good and is readily available for consumption.
Besides, the benefits of drinking purified water can only be achieved when taking the water on a regular basis. As more and more public facilities are providing purified water through water filtration systems, people no longer need to rely on tap water for their daily water needs.

Water Purification Solution

Since drinking purified water has many benefits, what are the solutions to get purified water?

Bottled Water

Bottled water might be the easiest solution for getting purified water. There are endless choices on the market for you to choose from. Depending on the brands and water sources, you can find affordable bottled water and take it as your main water source.
The biggest disadvantage for bottled water is the environmental pollution caused by disposable water bottles. Most of the plastic water bottles are not recycled. Some of the bottles go directly into landfills, or even worse, to the ocean. Therefore, bottled water is not the recommended way to get purified water.

Home Filtration System

Compare with bottled water, the home filtration system is by far the most certain way to obtain purified water. The popular home filtration systems are reverse osmosis system, ultrafiltration system, water filter pitcher, and faucet water filter. The systems vary in filtration accuracy and installation environment.
Before making your purchase, you should first understand your water needs and the types of impurities you would like to eliminate from your tap water. Once you have the information at hand, you can search for a suitable water filtration system.