Based on the EWG drinking water analysis of over 31 million state water records since 2013, pollutants have always been present in the public tap water Americans drink. These pollutants often include herbicides, pesticides, uranium, arsenic, lead, iron, copper, fluoride, chlorine, and others. These harmful substances are known to cause severe health issues in humans, individually and collectively. For example, in the case of continued exposure, copper can cause liver damage and kidney problems. Lead causes permanent brain, kidney, and other organ failures, especially in pregnant women and infants.
Homeowners who understand these problems actively seek ways to protect their families. One of these ways is the use of reverse osmosis systems. This efficient water filtration solution effectively removes dissolved toxins and salts in public tap water. According to research, RO systems offer an impressive filtration efficiency of 99%. The common types of RO systems include whole-house reverse osmosis systems, tankless reverse osmosis systems, countertop reverse osmosis systems, and more.
Having many options when it comes to RO systems is great, but choosing the best reverse osmosis water system can be a hassle. This blog will discuss your options as you shop for your first reverse osmosis water filtration system in 2023.

800GPD Tankless RO System—Waterdrop G3P800

With this product, Waterdrop aims to address the common issues users face while using their water filtration systems, including large space requirements, high wastewater ratio, and incessant filter replacements.
The Waterdrop G3P800 is an efficient RO water filter system equipped with innovative water recycling technology, offering an excellent drain ratio of 3:1. It produces just a cup of wastewater for every three cups of pure water. As a result, you save more water and reduce your energy costs.
Waterdrop G3P800 reverse osmosis system also boast multiple certifications from global standard organizations, including NSF 372 for containing only lead-free materials and NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for TDS reduction. An inbuilt LED chip-powered UV sterilizer filters out 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your feed water. Unlike the mercury-vapor lamp found in traditional filter systems, the LED lamp does not leave heavy metals and chemicals as byproducts behind. The lamp is also designed to work on detecting water passage automatically, ensuring it lasts longer and consumes less energy.
You can count on the nine-stage thorough filtration process of this reverse osmosis system to eliminate calcium, radium, iron, arsenic, chromium, and other heavy metals effectively. It is also effective against chloride, nitrate, PFAS, fluoride, and TDS. This system also comes with a smart faucet out of the box, which provides real-time water quality and TDS level information.
This RO water filter system ticks all the important boxes, little surprise that it is the most preferred tankless reverse osmosis system in its price category.

600GPD Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System—Waterdrop D6

The Waterdrop D6 RO water filter system has a 5-in-1 composite reverse osmosis water filter with the DOW reverse osmosis membrane. The enormous filtration capacity of this filter means it effectively reduces the most harmful impurities in water, such as benzene, chromium, sodium, lead, PFAS, nitrates, salt, chlorine, lead, and TDS.
It has a single filter design, which helps minimize the costs of maintenance and the time required. The compactness means it requires 70% less under-sink space compared to the tanked traditional RO systems. Another impressive feature of the D6 system is its low-noise design—it works without disturbing noise from the under sink cabinet drop. As a result, it is quieter than a running laptop.
The improved 600 GPD flow rate and drain ratio of 2:1 means the Waterdrop only produces one cup of wastewater for every 2 cups of pure water. There is also a stylish smart faucet fitted with an informative screen, where you can track the TDS water level and filter life status in real time. In addition, the system ensures user safety by adopting a waterproof design that prevents electrical leakages.
If you are in the market for an improved water filter system that delivers premium filtered water efficiently, the Waterdrop D6 is perfect for you. It offers a consistent performance with its great features while requiring minimum maintenance.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser—Waterdrop N1

One easy way to get the excellent filtration performance of RO membranes and the portability of countertop water purifiers is to go for a countertop RO system like the Waterdrop N1. Unlike the traditional reverse osmosis systems, the countertop RO systems deliver a better water purification experience.
With the Waterdrop N1 countertop RO system, you get a four-stage super filtration technology that combines PP cotton, carbon block, reverse osmosis membrane, and UV sterilization in its stages to deliver a flawless filtration performance. First, the PP cotton reduces the large particle matter before sending it to the carbon block, which reduces residual chlorine and improves taste. The next stage is where the 0.0001-micron RO membrane removes water impurities like antimony, arsenic, and other harmful chemicals, while the UV light finally eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the water.
The 3:1 drain ratio the Waterdrop G3P800 is known for is also present in the Waterdrop N1 countertop RO system. The recycled water from the system returns to the feed water tank, reducing the overall water usage considerably. Installing this countertop RO water filter system is easy—you need no plumbing or tools. It is also ready for use immediately after installation and is perfect for most indoor spaces.
The smart display screen on the Waterdrop N1 provides relevant information like the filter status, TDS value, and present water volume in real time. You can also easily interact with the screen to enjoy an overall excellent user experience.

Reverse Osmosis Instant Hot Water Dispenser System—Waterdrop K6.

Hot water is becoming increasingly important in our daily activities. For instance, we need hot water to increase the rate of metabolism by increasing the temperature of internal organs. It also helps to burn fat and improve the body’s immunity.
With the Waterdrop K6, you get an under sink reverse osmosis system and an instant hot water dispenser in a single system. The system combines water purification with heating to ensure you can always get healthy filtered water at various temperatures on request. In addition, the 600GPD high flow rate ensures a hot water flow rate of 0.4 gal/min—you can never run out of premium hot drinking water.
You will find the step-less temperature adjustment feature of this instant hot water filter system quite useful. It allows you to choose between a wide temperature range, depending on your requirements. So, whether you want to cook soup, boil rice, or make instant tea, oatmeal, or coffee, you can rest assured of getting filtered water at the perfect temperature.
In terms of filtration, this system is powered by a 5-in-1 filter setup comprising an inbuilt PP cotton, carbon fiber, RO membrane, carbon block, and another layer of PP cotton. Combining these, the system effectively reduces most contaminants, such as TDS, chromium, fluoride, arsenic, salt, chloride, nitrates, and heavy metals.
With the layer-by-layer fine filtration this system offers, you can rest assured of purity in every drop of water it dispenses.

In Conclusion

No other beverage can replace drinking water. Anyone who wants to stay healthy and live well must pay attention to the quality of the water they drink. Tap water has been proven not to be 100% healthy and clean. While adopting a water filter is a safer option, it all depends on the type of filter you choose.
The ideal water filter should check a few essential boxes, including filtration performance, filter change frequency, drain ratio, and others. All the water filter systems discussed in this blog are excellent performers in the above-mentioned areas. What’s more, they also meet various budget needs.
As we enter the new year, Waterdrop remains committed to rolling out new products that meet the needs of more customers worldwide. The first entry will be the Waterdrop G3P600—an upgraded model of the star product Waterdrop G3. The new model offers a higher capacity, translating to a faster water flow and improved user experience.
Still trying to decide the ideal water filter system for you? Be on the lookout for new models and products.