Everyone should have a water dispenser in their kitchen. The water dispensers are handy and point-of-use, dispensing safe and clean drinking water on demand. Besides offering convenience and functionality, water dispensers easily connect to your existing plumbing system, allowing you to customize your drinking water. Moreover, this appliance is compact. Finding the right unit that satisfies your lifestyle can be pretty daunting.
This guide will help you make the right choice. The following recommended water dispensers have excellent filtration performance, removing dangerous water contaminants and providing clean drinking water. Furthermore, the systems only require simple maintenance.

Countertop RO Water Dispenser - Waterdrop WD-N1-W

The traditional countertop RO system produces excess drain water. Contrarily, the Waterdrop N1 has a drain water recycling technology for minimizing water wastage. Furthermore, the system automatically runs a sleep or standby mode when not in use, minimizing power consumption.

UV Sterilization

One of the features of the Waterdrop N1 countertop reverse filtration system is the UV light. This light kills bacteria and viruses in the source water on an hourly basis and leaving you with only safe, pure, and ready-to-drink water.

Next Level Filtration

The RO system leaves no impurities. It combines a RO membrane, carbon block, and PP cotton to power two filter cartridges. Consequently, the system reduces harmful substances like chloramine and TDS in your tap water during the filtration process. In addition, the system improves water taste.

Effective Filtration Performance

The Waterdrop N1 is equipped with a 0.0001-micron RO membrane. Because of its tiny pore size, the system eliminates harmful impurities like antimony, arsenic, chlorine, and chemicals from the source water. Furthermore, the system has an integrated smart display screen, enabling homeowners to closely monitor the water quality.
It is important to note that the system does not work with well water or source water with high TDS (>500).
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Drain Ratio

The Waterdrop N1 features a drain water recycling technology with an impressive 3:1 drain ratio, reducing water consumption rates. The system also has a CF and MRO filter that lasts up to 6 and 18 months, respectively.

Waterdrop Water Filtration System WFD-22L

The system is NSF42&372 certified. Because of its efficient 5-stage filtration, the filtration system effectively reduces metal ions, copper, mercury, taste, and odor. In addition, the chlorine reduction rate of the filter is up to 97.4%.

20-cup High Capacity

The system has a high-capacity design, meeting the water needs of the whole family. In addition, you can place the water filter system in a refrigerator, providing you with cool and fresh water all day long.

High Flow Rate and Long Life Span

The filter’s flow rate is increased by 75%. Therefore, filtering a reservoir of water only takes 5 minutes. In addition, because of a lifespan of 2 months or 200 gallons, you can use the filter for a long time.

Life Indicator

The system has a smart LED filter life indicator at the top of its lid. This indicator allows you to monitor water quality anytime and also reminds you to replace the filter when necessary.

Humanized Design

The system has a push and pull design, allowing you to get clear water easily. In addition, the design helps to reduce most contaminants while improving water taste. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about leakage due to the system’s maximum water line. Also, the anti-slip design improves safety.

Countertop RO Water Filter System - Waterdrop K19

Compact Design & Easy Usage

The countertop RO water filter system is easy to use. The system requires no installation or plumbing. And you can directly use the system after you switch on the power. Consequently, you can put this countertop water filtration system in a living room, an RV, a bedroom, or anywhere you want.
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Super Filtration

The countertop filter system features PP cotton, reverse osmosis, activated carbon, and UV light. Because of these features, the system achieves excellent filtration, making it the best water purifier ever.

Water and Cost Saving

The countertop water filter system K19 has a drain water recycling technology with an impressive 3:1 drain ratio, reducing water consumption. In addition, the filter can last up to 12 months.

170 oz. High-capacity Tank

The countertop RO water filter system’s tank has an ergonomic design. Although compact, the tank has a high capacity of 170 oz., meeting the water needs of a big family for a day.

Smart Design

The system has a smart display screen where you can easily check the TDS value, filter status, present water volume, and other information. Furthermore, the system has four modes of fixed water volumes that you can set in advance.

Final Thoughts

Drinking enough safe and clean water every day is of great significance for you and your family. Every household needs safe drinking water all the time. Waterdrop water dispensers filter out water impurities and help your family enjoy clean and safe water always.