Did you know the average human being is comprised of 65% water, give or take? The health of your joints, skin, and muscle is highly dependent upon your overall water intake. Even your cells find water essential, especially when it comes to basic functions such as fighting infections and absorbing nutrients, to name a few. Aside from consuming cold or room temp water, hot and warm water offer a whole slew of benefits compared to its cooler counterparts.

Should You Drink Hot Water?

Considering how the human body views water as a necessity, it should come as no surprise to learn of the special benefits of various water temperatures. Let’s take a look at how water contributes to your overall health, and how a variation between drinking cold or room temp, and hot or warm water can provide even more benefits than before.

Aids in Digestion

The act of digestion requires water to keep your system moving and in tip top shape. Water begins to move from your stomach to your intestines, pushing the body to eliminate waste and toxins as designed. Doctors theorize that hot water is capable of dissolving eaten food, and dissipating meals that may otherwise be difficult for our bodies to digest.
a cup of hot water

Improves Circulation

Blood flow is essential to overall heart health, especially in the lowering of cardiovascular disease risks and more. Even something as simple as enjoying a warm bath improves circulatory organ health, including veins, arteries, and more. As the heat causes veins to expand, your body is enabled to carry more blood around effectively. In turn, consuming hot water may provide similar effects, however, not much research has been conducted to prove the theory.

Lowers Stress Levels

Even central nervous system functions are greatly improved by the consumption of hot water. In fact, some studies show that anxiety may lessen alongside stress when someone has enjoyed a cup of hot or warm water.

Loosens Up Congestion

Remember your last cold? Perhaps you suffered from the flu, or a bout of bronchitis. Suffering with a stuffed up nose has to be one of the worst aspects of getting sick. But did you know, a cup of hot water, much like enjoying a steamy shower, can lessen your decongestion?
The steam created by hot water loosens up the inner works once it’s been inhaled. This helps to unclog your sinuses, and even works wonders when it comes to sinus headaches, and more. It’s for this reason that hot drinks bring a level of comfort during a cold or flu. And, while there is no cure for the cold, a cup of hot water, coffee, or tea can go to great lengths in the decrease of symptoms and suffering.
a cup of hot water

Considering an Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

Instant hot water dispensers serve as the perfect solution to obtaining a hot cup of water for a variety of ailments and benefits. Whether you just need plain water, a cup of tea or coffee, or a bowl of soup, an instant hot water dispenser offers hot water on demand.

How do Instant Hot Water Dispensers Operate?

Much like the operation of an electric water heater, an instant hot water dispenser offers hot water on demand. These units are comprised of an inner holding tank which houses a heating element within. Because this heating element is controlled by a thermostat, it is capable of maintaining water temperatures depending on your custom settings. Typically, you want to avoid high temperatures that cause boiling water, while maintaining a temperature capable of serving up hot food and drinks on demand.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Instant Hot Water Dispenser System K6

Waterdrop’s Instant Hot Water Dispenser provides a unique experience compared to other brands. Because it combines the power of a Reverse Osmosis system with the luxury of an instant hot water dispenser, you can rest assured your hot water on demand is also healthy, and free from impurities.

First-to-Market RO System Featuring a Heating Function

The K6 Water Filter System by Waterdrop integrates the heating and water purification you’d come to expect from an instant hot water dispenser combined with an RO system. Enjoy various temperature demands in a convenient under-the-sink RO installation option. This enables you to enjoy the high capacity of 600 GPD, as well as a hot water flow rate of 4 GPM.

Enjoy Hot Water on Demand

Waterdrop ensured their K6 RO Instant Hot Water Filter System provides hot water on demand in a step-free fashion. With an adjustment option between 104℉-203℉, homeowners are poised to enjoy instant coffee, tea, soup, oatmeal, and more without Waterdrop K6 RO instant hot water filter system allows step-less temperature adjustment in the range of 104℉-203℉, which is an ideal choice for cooking soup, making instant coffee, tea and oatmeal or other household tasks within a moments notice.
Waterdrop k6 instant hot water dispenser details

5-stages of Deep Filtration

The RO membrane provides a 5-in-1 filter built-in, as well as a carbon block, PP cotton and additional filtration substances for the most effective RO filter possible. This ensures your instant hot water is free from impurities such as chromium, TDS, fluoride, pfas, arsenic, salt, nitrates, heavy metals, particles, chloride, and more.

High-End, Intelligent Touch Screen Display

Thanks to an intelligent display faucet, you can check the filter condition and TDS level with the touch of a touch screen. This enables homeowners to adjust water temperatures in a convenient manner with ease.

An Outstanding Safety Performance

Waterdrop’s K6 RO Instant Hot Water Dispenser System provides quick monitoring of filter condition, as well as the purification process. Waterdrop integrated a child lock function, and water temperature indication to avoid the risk of scalding. This also includes a flowmeter, and heating overtime protection to avoid fire risks within the home.


When it comes to enjoying hot water, Waterdrop makes it easy to provide your body with the benefits associated with the consumption of heated water on demand. Before you jump straight to purchasing a hot water dispenser of your home, take into consideration the pros and cons of various brands. Remember, only the Waterdrop K6 offers the convenience of an RO system and instant hot water dispenser wrapped up into one neat package.