Waterdrop Water Filter Pitcher, Long-Life 10-Cup, BPA Free, WD-PT-61B

    NSF 42 & 372 Certified
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    Highly efficient and deep filtration
    • This water filter pitcher adopts multiple advanced filter materials to reduce impurities in tap water.
    • The large surface area of filter materials enhances the filtration performance and ensures a fast flow rate that minimizes the waiting time.
    • Drinking clean and fresh water helps to hydrate your body. Waterdrop water filter pitchers reduce chlorine, calcium, magnesium, iron, metal ions, color, odor, and other harmful impurities tested by the third-party laboratory.
    Stylish design
    • Waterdrop brand new water filter pitcher features an upgraded appearance design, with a flip-top lid that ensures safe and pure water.
    • The light blue color and sleek body make the pitcher a countertop decor anywhere including your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, RV, and office.
    Certificate C0145653, by NSF International, 2021.
    Save money on replacement filters Replace the filter cartridge every 3 months to ensure optimal filtration performance. The service life is about 5x longer than most filters (40 gallons) on the market. You can now save more money on shopping replacement filters and reduce plastic waste while at it.
    Monitor the filter life at a glance This Waterdrop water pitcher features a LED filter life indicator light on the lid. It reminds you to replace the filter in time.
    Fewer visits to the sink This pitcher can store 10 cups of filtered water, which can conveniently meet the drinking water needs during your leisure time. You don’t have to visit the kitchen frequently. Instead, spend your precious time on more valuable things.
    More Information
    Product Information
    Brand Name Waterdrop
    Capacity 200.00 gallons
    Color Blue
    Included Components Water Filter Pitcher System *1 , Pitcher Filter Replacement *1 , User's Manual *1
    Material Lead-Free & Food-Grade Material, Activated Carbon & ACF
    Purification Method Activated Carbon
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    Waterdrop Water Filter Pitcher, Long-Life 10-Cup, BPA Free, WD-PT-61B