You will find a refrigerator with a filter in most homes. The water treatment capability of such refrigerators means the raw tap water can be filtered into clean, healthy drinking water. Samsung® is a popular brand when it comes to refrigerators with water filters. The activated carbon filter in Samsung® refrigerators effectively reduces most contaminants in the water, including heavy metals, cysts, lead, and others. The system ensures a consistent supply of filtered, healthy, cool, and tasting drinking water.
Your Samsung® refrigerator will only provide clean drinking water as expected only when the water filter cartridge is functioning perfectly. That is why homeowners are advised to keep water filter cartridge replacements handy. The average life span of a filter cartridge is three to six months, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Waterdrop’s Replacement for Samsung® HAF-CIN/EXP Water Filter

The Samsung® HAF-CIN, HAFIN2, DA29-00019A, or DA29-00020B water filter features three NSF certifications (by the National Sanitation Foundation). An NSF 42 certification ensures the product is effectively reducing odors, chlorine, and bad flavors. An NSF 53 certification ensures it does not contain any lead, mercury, or benzene. The NSF 401 certification ensures the reduction of 15 specific contaminants. This water filter will produce up to 300 gallons of filtered water or last up to 6 months.
The Waterdrop replacement fits Samsung® DA29-00020B refrigerators and is tested against NSF 401, 42, 53, and 372. It is effective at removing or reducing odors, bad tastes, cysts, corrosion, and rust, featuring a chlorine deduction score of 97.4%. Plus, the Waterdrop replacement is a fraction of the original Samsung® brand filter, costing just $0.08 per day to provide healthy, clean water to your family, pets, and friends.

Waterdrop’s Replacement for Samsung® HAF-QIN Water Filter

The Samsung® HAF-QIN, DA97-08006C, DA97-08006B, DA97-08006A, or DA97-17376B is covered by two NSF certifications. NSF/ANSI 42 and 372 mean the filter produces water with a reduction in chlorine, improved flavor, and lead-free manner. This filter works within top freezers, as well as side-by-side refrigeration units. However, this filter does not perform well in French door model Samsung® refrigerators.
The Waterdrop replacement for this Samsung® DA97-17376B refrigerator provides great value for your money, with an effective method of filtration. This filter replacement is NSF 42 and 372 certified, reducing 97.6% chlorine and ensuring your drinking water has improved flavor and odor. This unit is built to meet the demands of your household, providing healthy filtered water for your friends and family.

Waterdrop’s Replacement for Samsung® HAF-CU1/EXP Water Filter

The Samsung® HAFCU1, DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B, or DA29-00003A is an efficient water filter capable of delivering up to a 99% removal of the potentially harmful contaminants.
The Waterdrop replacement filter for this Samsung® refrigerator has been tested and certified against four NSF/ANSI certifications, including 42, 53, 372, and 401. It is effective at reducing chlorine, bad flavors, unpleasant odors, lead, benzene, carbofuran, cysts, endrin, and more from tap water. You will enjoy savings upwards of 50% with the Waterdrop Samsung® replacement filter, spending less than $0.08 per day.

How Do You Find The Correct Refrigerator Filter Replacement?

There are tons of refrigerator filter replacements out there, making it tricky to choose the correct option. It is important to note that refrigerator filters are model specific. Therefore, you must choose a replacement model that matches the original model. Follow these three methods to make the right choice.

Choose based on the Refrigerator Model Number

Start by locating the model number of the refrigerator or freezer you are getting a replacement filter cartridge or similar accessories for. The model number is often somewhere on the body of the appliance. It could be on a metal tag or a sticker affixed to the body. You can find the detailed instructions here. Alternatively, you can proceed to your manufacturer’s website to find the exact model number and related information.

By the Refrigerator Serial number

A serial number is specific to your unique unit. Although a model number is shared amongst any unit produced in that series, a serial number is never replicated. It is often abbreviated to “S/N”, and was selected by the manufacturer for every single appliance or device ever produced.

● Side-by-Side Refrigerator

You can locate the exact Model and Serial Number in a side-by-side unit by checking the bottom left side of the outside of the refrigerator. Sometimes it may also be located on the left side of the right compartment of said unit. Alternatively, the Model and S/N are located on the bottom side of the outside of your fridge, as well as the left side of the bottom compartment.

● Top Mount Freezer

The Model and S/N of your top mount freezer are located on the left-hand bottom side of the outside of your refrigerator. It may also be found on the left-hand side of your fridge’s top compartment.

● Bottom Mount Freezer

The Model and Serial number can be found on the left-hand side of the bottom of the outside of your refrigerator. It may also be found on the left-hand side of the upper right compartment of your fridge.

By the Refrigerator Filter Model Number

The refrigerator filter model number is on the label attached to the filter. You need the filter model number to identify the right replacement filter when shopping for one.

Step-by-Step Guide for Replacing the Samsung® Refrigerator Water Filter

The following instructions will guide you when changing your Samsung® refrigerator water filter. After filter replacement, always flush out impurities or air by dispensing a few gallons of water. Afterward, resetting the eater filter light on your fridge is mandatory.

HAF-CIN and HAF-QIN Water Filter

Samsung refrigerator water filter replacement guide

HAF-CU1/EXP Water Filter

replacement guide for Samsung refrigerator filter

How to Reset the Filter Indicator Light on A Refrigerator?

The water filter indicator light turns orange after five months or after dispensing 450 gallons. And it turns red after six months or after dispensing 500 gallons.
The default light may be green or blue, depending on the filter model. After changing the filter, the light should return to normal. Otherwise, you will have to reset the filter.
You can reset the water filter indicator by finding the multi-function button(s) on the display controlling the filter indicator. Afterward, press and hold the button(s) till the light changes; the multi-function button varies depending on the fridge model. For example, the button could be the “Alarm,” “Energy Saver,” “Water,” “Ice Type/Water,” “Crushed Ice,” or “Ice Maker” button.

“Alarm” Button

Most Samsung® refrigerators now have the “Alarm” button. You should press the button for about 3 seconds till the light goes off. This method is suitable for the following refrigerator models:
Similar 3-door French door models
Similar 4-door French door models

“Energy Saver” Button

You should press the “Energy Saver” button for 3 seconds or till the light goes off. This method applies to the following refrigerator models:
Similar 3-door French door models
Similar 4-door French door models

“Water” Button

You should press and hold the “Water” button for about 3 seconds, and the filter light should go off. This method applies to the following models:
Most side-by-side fridge models

“Ice Type/Water” Button

Press the “Ice Type/Water” button for 3 seconds. This method applies to the following models:
Similar 3-door French door models

“Crushed Ice” Button

You can turn off the filter light indicator by pressing and holding the “Crushed Ice” button for 3 seconds. The water filter message on the display panel should also go off. This method applies to the following models:
Similar 4-door Flex fridge models.
Other 4-door French door models.

“Ice Maker” Button

YYou can reset the filter light indicator by opening the fridge door and locating the internal controls, usually on the right side. The next step is pressing and holding the “Ice Maker” button for about 3 seconds. This method works for:
Similar French door models with internal controls.


Your refrigerator’s filter, like any other filter, is at risk of accumulating minerals, sediment, and algae. When this happens, it encourages the proliferation of bacteria. One way to avoid this is to replace an overworked filter as soon as possible. Waterdrop is one of the brands with a proprietary manufacturing line. The brand rolls out products into the market directly from its factory. This helps consumers save money by cutting down reseller costs.
This blog has provided you with much-needed tips to replace your Samsung® refrigerator water filter successfully. You can check this link to learn about Waterdrop’s replacement for the LG® refrigerator water filter LT1000P®.
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