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Countertop Faucet Water Filter System

Countertop Faucet Water Filter System


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  • [Multiple-stage Filtration System]: Five-stage filtration system can effectively reduce contaminants commonly found in tap water such as colloid, sediment, chlorine..
  • [Infusion of Beneficial Minerals]: Adding minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium that benefits your health.
  • [Fast Flow & Long Service Life]: The system provides 1.6 GPM high stable water flow. The service life can last up to 12 months or 8,000 gallons.
  • [Premium Material]: The system is made from 304 Food-grade stainless steel with sleek brushed appearance, fingerprint-free and BPA-free.
  • [Easy Installation]: Countertop faucet water filter CTF-01 is simple to install and connects easily to most standard kitchen tap faucets.
Waterdrop Countertop Faucet Water Filter System
WD-CTF-01 Countertop Water Filtration System
Extraordinary filtration performance
  • 0.5-micron carbon block with multiple filtration media can effectively reduce over 99% of chlorine and eliminate bad taste and odor. Highly effective on, scale, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, fluorine and arsenic removal.
  • Hydrate your body with the adding of beneficial mineral.
  • 1.6 GPM high stable water flow can meet your multiple daily use.
  • 8000 gallons or 12 months long service life.
  • Quickly switch from regular tap water to quality filtered water
  • 3-minute hassle-free easy installation
  • Fit typical faucet aerator sizes:
  • Male threaded - 15/16" or M18.5".
  • Female threaded - 55/64”.
  • Do not fit pull-out, hand-held, spray style faucets or faucets with sensor.
  • Please verify your faucet type before the purchase.
Waterdrop is a leading brand in the water purification industry. Holding the vision of “Water for all.” The equal access to clean, safe drinking water for the whole society. With expended global presence to Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Waterdrop dedicates to providing global users with high-quality water purification solutions.
  • Replacement filters are available for purchase! (Search "WD-CFF-01A" )
Better Water, Better life
The filtered clean water keeps you away from the endangerments of lead, fluoride and other contaminants while adding beneficial minerals, helping to revitalize your body.
Everyday Saving
On average, you’ll spend 10¢ per day for the first year. You’ll pay less for the countertop water filter replacement and your water quality will improve with each passing day. Enjoy pure drinking water for all day long.
Superior Kitchen Water Experience
The Waterdrop countertop water filter features an elegant design with sleek brushed appearance that will match perfectly with your kitchen. The compact filter can be easily placed on any countertop and takes up the minimum space.
Incompatible type 1:
If the length from front end to lower edge is less than 0.59 inch, it will not fit.
Incompatible type 2:
For external threaded faucets, it will not fit if the diameter is too large (more than 0.87 inch) or too small (less than 0.73 inch).
Incompatible type 3:
For internal threaded faucets, it will not fit if the diameter is too large (more than 0.94 inch) or too small (less than 0.73 inch).
Incompatible type 4:
For faucets with interior aerator, a specific tool is needed to remove the aerator. Otherwise, it will not fit as well.
Customer Reviews
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Super Well Built, I Love It!
I loveee how this filter is made of stainless steel. It not only gives it a nice aesthetic but when you have the system in your hand it is a testament to the quality craftsmanship that went into the design and manufacture of this product. It is VERY well built! All the hardware feels sturdy and it is built to last.
Great tasting water
Fairly easy to install by the kitchen sink, doesn
Great water filter, built to last lifetime and great price!!!!
The WD-CTF-01 is an excellent countertop water filter and less than $80. Fast water flow and crystal clear, great tasting water. Highly recommend!!! Replacement filter cartridge at under $30 and last a year or more, makes this filter a bargain.