Waterdrop Garden Hose Water Filter, Reduces Chlorine, Odor, Calcium, Ideal for RVs, Gardening, Farming and Pets

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Waterdrop Garden Hose Water Filter
Waterdrop is committed to delivering clean, safe, and great-tasting water.
You can get up to 4 months of active usage of water from our high-capacity inline garden filter.
The garden hose filter can fit any standard 3/4” garden hose thread and can be used with the garden mist cooling system. It will make calcium deposits do not block the nozzles. The atomizer’s lifespan is extended, which means you will get clean, contaminant-free water at all times.
Premium material Our upgraded composite filter contains ion exchange resin.
Excellent filtration With the 5-micron filtration accuracy, your garden water will be free of heavy metals and any contaminants larger than 5 μm.
Beautifies your garden The filter retains essential elements like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, which are important for plant growth. It reduces the water spots caused by air-dried minerals, saving you time and effort.
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Product Information
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Questions and Anwsers

Can the filter help to prevent water spots after watering the garden?

Watering your garden usually comes with white water spots, especially when you use contaminated water. The garden hose filter filters out heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants using its 5-micron filtration accuracy. Using this filter reduces the occurrence of these.

Is it better to water plants with filtered water?

Filtered water is good for plants because the filter can reduce chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants in water. In addition, the filter can retain potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other essential elements, helping your plants grow healthier.

Does the garden inline water filter fit on my water hose?

The garden hose filter can be attached to any standard 3/4" garden or water hose. We suggest you check the size of your water hose before ordering.

Why are there black specks in the water or why does my water taste funny?

Water filters are made from the purest carbon blocks. When the filters ships, it bounces around and knocks carbon granules loose from the block. These little carbon granules are called fines. All of the quality filters in the market place require preliminary flushing to remove the carbon fines. Some systems may need to be flushed more than once. This is especially true if you have the scale or lime water.

How often should I replace the garden inline water filter?

The inline garden hose water filter has a long lifespan, you can expect up to 4 months.