Waterdrop 3-Stage with Dedicated Faucet UnderSink Water Filter WD-TSB

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Efficient 3 stages filtration The PP cotton reduces rust, sand, large particles. GAC and KDF filter prevents pollutants from accumulating and reduces chlorine. The natural carbon block improves water taste. [1]
No cracking no leaking Integrated 3-stage under sink drinking water filter is much more durable and convenient. No worry for water leakage issue resulted from cracking bottom caps and filter cases anymore.
Cleaner and safer The integral under sink water filter is safer and cleaner than a split one. Added KDF prohibits harmful substances from breeding, providing with double protection. [2]
Fill up a cup in seconds This under counter water filter with a lead-free brushed stainless steel faucet has a high water flow rate of up to 1 gpm, giving you clean drinking water anytime you need it. For the under sink water filtration system without an included faucet, search for WD-TSA.
No-sweat assembly and replacement You never want to be bothered by spending forever on assembling a 3-stage under counter drinking water filter. Installation takes less than 3mins for push-to-connect fittings. Replacement takes only 3s for twist-lock design.
Save on maintenance costs Changing under counter water filter frequently can burn a hole in your wallet. The 3 filters have a lifespan of 6 months, 8-12 months, and 12-18 months, respectively. Now you don’t have to spend much money on replacement. [3]
To come straight to the point, TDS value isn’t directly related to water quality.
TDS stands for total dissolved solids. The higher the TDS is, the more impurities water contains. But what are impurities on earth? No matter beneficial natural minerals or harmful substances, they are all regarded as impurities in water.
As a result, water quality can’t be determined only by TDS value. It is just one of standards that reflect water condition and you can’t conclude that water with low TDS is definitely of good quality.
TDS has more influence on water taste, not overall water quality.
Waterdrop under counter water filter reduces harmful pollutants while retains natural minerals, thus ensuring purity and good taste of water at the same time.
Can I connect it to the original kitchen faucet?
WD-TSB filtration system is equipped with a faucet, and can't be connected with your orginal kitchen faucet. If you have a need of this, please choose WD-TSA series like B08P58F9SG.
Can the product filter well water?
No. This system is designed for Municipal Tap Water. If using well water as the source, please make sure the feed water has been through a pre-filtration system, otherwise, large particles in well water will clog the filter easily and shorten filter life. For the solution with a pre-filtration system, please search for WD-PFK.
References [1] *Information is based on CARBON BLOCK MANUFACTURING by WQP, June 2001. *Information is based on Water Health Series Filtration Facts by EPA ,September 2015. [2] *Image shown is for reference only, actual product may vary. [3] *The service life mentioned above is subject to chlorine reduction. Actual result varies according to the local water quality.
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Product Information
Manufacturer Waterdrop
Part Number WD-TSB-10
Item Weight ‎7.61 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎17.09 x 15.12 x 7.05 inches
Material Stainless_steel faucet
Batteries Included? ‎No
Batteries Required? No
Questions and Anwsers

What are the differences between WD-TSA / TSB and WD-UA / UB?

WD-TSA/ TSB is the upgrade version of WD-UA/ UB. This 3-stage under-the-sink filter system is composed of three filters and has more filtration materials than WD-UA/ UB. Therefore, WD-TSA/ TSB can reduce more contaminants with more filters and active carbon to improve the water taste great. Besides, WD-TSA/ TSB has a longer service life while WD-UA / UB space-saving.

What happens if the water filter is not changed in time?

In general, no changing your water filter in time will stop your water filter from working at optimal capacity, which reduces the filtering effect of water and produces secondary pollution, therefore please make sure to change filters within the recommended lifespan.
Note: The PP filter has a 6-month lifetime; the GC filter has an 8-12 months lifetime; the CT filter has a 12-18 months lifetime.

What can the 3-stage Under Counter Water Filter System remove?

Compared to the filtration system with a single filter, this under-counter water filter can reduce more contaminants with more filters. The PP cotton effectively reduces rust, sand, large particles, etc. The granule-activated carbon filter reduces chlorine, taste, and odor, thus improving water taste. The natural carbon block and KDF filter prevent pollutants from accumulating and improves water taste furthermore.

How do I install 3-stage Under Counter Water Filter System?

Please refer to the following steps. Besides, you can get more detailed instructions from the manual on the product page or video on YouTube.
Step 1: Fix the filter head and the filter
Step 2: Connect the water supply (cold water only)
Step 3: Install the faucet
Step 4: Flush the filter and Check the leaks
Tips: The 3-stage under-counter drinking water filter comes with a complete accessories pack, including all kinds of accessories you may need. You won’t be bothered by spending forever on assembly. Installation takes less than 3 minutes for the sake of convenient fittings.

What to do if water leaks after installation?

Water may leak at the connection position or thread due to the incomplete connection. ​When water leakage occurs, turn off the water supply. If the water leakage is at a thread, please wrap Teflon tape on the external thread. If the water leakage is at the inlet and outlet, please insert the quick-connect fitting to the end.
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Waterdrop 3-Stage with Dedicated Faucet UnderSink Water Filter WD-TSB