Waterdrop D4 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for Home, Compact Size

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    • [Revolutionary filter structure]: Waterdrop D4 RO reverse osmosis water filtration system adopt innovative technology and design to integrate different filtration materials into a 5-in-1 composite filter, after full research on the properties of various materials. The filter uses the least space to achieve an optimized filtration effect, reducing TDS, chlorine, heavy metals, and more.
    • [Great upgrade with small size]: The elegant machine is only 12.44-inch in height. The tankless design makes its size even smaller, which can save more space under the sink.
    • [Stylish faucet with metal finish]: The Waterdrop D4 reverse osmosis water filtration system comes with a stylish faucet with a metal finish, providing you a fast and extensive flow.
    • [Safer & cleaner]: The integral waterway design eliminates connectors in the internal water tubing. The completely enclosed RO system significantly lowers the risks of water leakage and harmful substances growth, compared to traditional water filter systems with a tank.
    • [Effortless replacement]: The D4 RO water filter system only requires replacement once a year. And you can complete the replacement by opening the front panel and removing the old filter.
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    Elegant Metal Faucet with Fast Waterflow The Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filtration system comes with a stylish metal faucet, providing you a fast and extensive water flow.
    • Drill 2 holes to install the system. One for RO faucet (1"), the other for drain pipe connection.
    A Happier And Greener Lifestyle The system with 1:1 drain ratio saves up to 300% water compared with traditional RO system. Farewell to bottled water with D4 RO system.
    • We do not recommend connecting tankless RO to a refrigerator or ice maker or a salt-based water softener.
    • We do not recommend using well water as source due to its complicated composition.
    Simplified Design Beautify Your Kitchen Sink The system features curved design and unique rose gold color, inviting warmth, and an immense amount of style.
    • An electrical outlet is required to operate the RO system. Main power cable 67".
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    Product Information
    Specifications for this item
    Brand Name Waterdrop
    Color White
    Fabric Type Search "WD-D4RF Filter" for replacement filter
    Included Components RO Machine , Standard Faucet , Mix All-In-One Filter , PE Tubings *3 , Drain Saddle , Lock Clips*8 , Feed Water Adapter 3/8" and 1/2"
    Lower Temperature Rating 39.2 degrees_fahrenheit
    Material Carbon Fiber & Highly precise PP cotton & Reverse Osmosis Membrane & Carbon Block
    Maximum Flow Rate 0.28 gallons_per_minute
    Model Number WD-D4-W
    Part Number WD-D4-W
    Power Source Type In-built Stored Cord
    Purification Method Reverse Osmosis , Carbon Block
    Specification Met Fcc
    Upper Temperature Rating 100.40 degrees_fahrenheit
    Warranty Description 1 year manufacturer
    Questions and Anwsers

    Can I use this reverse osmosis system in my RV?

    Yes, this reverse osmosis water filtration system can work with your RV. It has an integrated design that makes it possible to install it even in a tiny under-sink space, such as RVs. You can combine this filter system with your RV for a regular and reliable supply of clean water.
    Now you can stop using the dirty and unsafe water from campgrounds.
    This filter system ensures you get clean and pure water for drinking directly from your taps and shower. You are also immune to the common health issues associated with contaminated water, which may prevent you from enjoying your road trip.

    Can I connect this machine with the mineralization filter?

    Yes, this reverse osmosis water filter works perfectly with a remineralization filter. All you have to do is buy a suitable remineralization filter and connect it to the system. Simply search for "Waterdrop Remineralization Filter" and add the filter.

    How often should I replace the filter? Can I replace it by myself?

    The D4 RO system only requires replacement once a year. You don't have to estimate when to replace your filters. It's very easy for you to complete the replacement by opening the front panel and removing the old filter.

    Does the system need the electricity to run?

    Yes, the Waterdrop RO system need electricity.

    Can the reverse osmosis system be connected to the refrigerator so the ice is filtered as well?

    1. Generally speaking, yes, The RO system can be connected to your refrigerator.
    After completing the registration online, you could choose the accessory kit, which will help you connect the RO to your refrigerator/ice maker.
    Since different refrigerator/ice maker has a various requirement of water pressure, it's not possible for our RO system to provide them all.
    Connection under mismatched circumstances may result in many problems, including but not limited: slow ice making, frequent start-stop issues, etc.
    Therefore, it's NOT recommended to connect the RO system to your refrigerator/ice maker.
    2. To determine if the RO's outlet pressure is enough to be connected, you may need to acquire the refrigerator's pressure requirement first, which can be found in its user manual.
    For your reference:
    RO's outlet pressure: ca. 35 psi

    What does Pure to Drain Rate mean?

    The reverse osmosis water filter relies on a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities from drinking water. When the tap water is compressed through the RO membrane, it produced pure water and waste water. The ratio of pure water to waste water is called wastewater ratio. 1:1 wastewater ratio means 1 gallon water is wasted per 1 gallon purified, and 2:1 wastewater ratio means 1 gallon water is wasted per 2 gallon purified. The higher the wastewater ratio is, the less waster water produced during the filtration process. During the use of RO water filter, the actual ratio might be lower than the labeled, depending on many factors such as water quality, pH, pressure and temperature.
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    Waterdrop D4 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for Home, Compact Size