Waterdrop Replacement Filter for De'Longhi DLS C002 Coffee Water Filter WD-11

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    Features You’ll Love
    • Reasonable structure ensures premium filters
    • Improves the water taste
    • A perfect alternative to the original filter without water leaks
    • Easy instalation requiring no tools
    • Replace your filter every 2 months for best results
    Waterdrop Replacement Water Filters for Coffee Machines
    This De'Longhi Water Filter is Compatible with the Following Models
    ECAM - All Series ( include 44.660.B, 22.110.SB...)
    ETAM - All Series ( include 29.660.SB, 29.510.B...)
    ESAM - 55/56/57/66/67/68/69
    BCO400, BCO410, BCO420
    EC680, EC800, EC820, EC850, EC860
    Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. Waterdrop is an independent brand.
    Choose Our High-Quality Filters
    Premium Material This filter uses advanced ion exchange resin and superior granular activated carbon for effective reduction of potentially harmful substances.
    Remarkable Filtration Together with the multi-effect filtration technology, this filter is highly-efficient in reducing impurities, serving you a superior grade of filtered water.
    Great-Tasting Coffee This filter provides cleaner water and serves you and your family better coffee with rich flavour and intense aroma.
    Better Water Makes a Difference
    For You Keeps you hydrated with refreshing water that quenches your thirst and helps you stay energetic by retaining beneficial minerals.
    For Your Loved Ones Makes sure every sip is at its best. Your family can rest assured to enjoy better water right from this filter.
    For Your Machine Decontaminates the fine particles to keep the coffee maker functioning normally and prolonging its service life.
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    Package Dimensions 6.69 x 3.78 x 2.56 inches
    Item Weight 7.4 ounces
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    Waterdrop Replacement Filter for De'Longhi DLS C002 Coffee Water Filter WD-11