The safety of drinking water is the priority, which means even more significant when you go out and explore nature. Many people have realized the importance of having a water filtration system at home, and that rule applies to the wildness as well.
While you’re preparing for an RV trip's necessities, you would need to check on the RV water filters if you do not want to sacrifice the quality of your drinking water on the road. There are different types of RV filters and this article will provide you with a complete list of them.

What Is An RV Water filter

As the name suggests, an RV water filter is a water filtration system that eliminates sediments and contaminants in the water before pumping into the RV. The filter functions not only remove impurities but also prevent the RV appliances from clogging and damage.
Traveling along the road is adventurous, meaning you may encounter different water problems during the trip. Therefore, it is quite necessary to have a water filtration system to enhance your travel safety. Besides that, an RV water filter is also a budget-friendly and eco option for buying bottled water. The system is highly customized to fit your RV needs in terms of lifestyle, budget, and the size of your coach.
You may get dazzled with all types of RV water filters on the market, but before you dive into the marketing research, it is important to understand what contaminants are commonly found in water and how to remove them effectively.
Many RV campsites carry city water to the parks. The city water would use chlorine to disinfect and remove waterborne disease bacteria. The chlorine leftover would generate an unpleasant smell as well as a chemical taste.
For parks that are not connected to the city water, some of them would choose independent wells. The well water normally contains high amounts of sediments, heavy metals, living microorganisms and potentially bacteria. If you find the region you’re travelling to with hard water, meaning the water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, your RV would experience higher chances of scale build-up and plumbing damaged problems.

Different Types of RV Water Filters

There are two major categories of the RV water filtration system: the external RV water filters and the internal RV water filters.

External RV Water Filter

The external RV water filter is a water filtration system that is placed outside the RV. The filter would be attached to the water hose of your RV and process all water before pumping into the RV tanks.
The Waterdrop inline RV filter is one of the popular options for the external category. This inline filter comes with a compact design with composite filtration media that includes activated carbon bock, KDF, and fluoride remover.
The composite design would enhance the filtration performance and effectively reduce sediments, rust as well as chlorine, taste and odor, making it ideal for both city water and well water.
The anti-kink flexible hose protector is designed to fit with any standard 3/4" water hose and greatly reduces the chances of having a water leakage. The cost of the filter is very budget-friendly at $12 with extended service life for three months, the filter would be able to offer you safe drinking water along the road.

Internal RV Water Filter

The internal RV water filters are water filtration systems being placed inside the RV. Depending on the filtration accuracy, some of the internal filters are install-free and some of them would need some installation and get the filtered water from a faucet.
Having an internal RV water filter means that you do not need to wait to get clean water as it can filter water on the road. We have shortlisted the popular internal RV water filters for you.

Internal RV Water Filter

If you want a system with the finest filtration performance, the reverse osmosis system would be the answer. With the filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns, the system is known for providing the cleanest water on earth. It could remove harmful substances including large particles and super fine microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, providing you with an ultra safe water experience on your RV trip.
The Maxblue H7 RO offers greater composite 5-in-3 filters with a compact and elegant design for improved filtration performance. You can enjoy freshwater by simply twisting filters and connecting the faucet hose. Its twist-to-lock design allows you to replace each cartridge in 3 seconds. Note: Feed Water Pressure 40-85 psi.

Under SAink Ultrafiltration System

The ultrafiltration system is very popular for RVers. Unlike other water filtration systems that generate a lot of waste water, the ultrafiltration system produces prime-quality purified water with zero waste water.
The advanced ultra filtration membrane comes with a pore size of 0.01 micron. This means that any contaminants larger than 0.01 micron cannot pass through this membrane. The result is excellent filtration performance.
The Waterdrop ultrafiltration system is tankless. Water would be filtered directly and delivered immediately. The slim design is suitable for RV use, as it can be installed easily—plus, it allows you to pack more of your favorite items in the RV.

Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The gravity-fed water filter is another valuable system for RV use. As the purification method is through gravity, the system does not require any electricity and offers hassle-free installation.
The system is also known for its excellent filtration performance for lead and chlorine reduction as well as sediment removal. If your source water is mainly connected to the city water, then the gravity-fed water filter would provide you with safe water along the road.
The Waterdrop King Tank water purification system is a very economical option. The system is equipped with a 2.25-gallon large capacity, enough to keep a medium-sized family hydrated on the road.

Countertop Water Filter Pitcher

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient solution for safe drinking water, then a countertop water filter pitcher would be the right choice. Similar to the big gravity-fed water filter as discussed above, the countertop water filter pitcher also runs without electricity.
With many water filter pitchers available on the market, we choose the Maxblue water filter pitcher for the large capacity, long filter service life and excellent filtration performance. It is also one of the few water filter pitchers that can bring you zero-TDS water, which is very essential to use in an outdoor setting.
The filtration media in this zero-TDS water filter pitcher would effectively remove lead, fluoride, chlorine, odor, TDS, heavy metals, and other harmful substances in water. It can also prevent the limescale from building up, providing you with pure-tasting water.


While you are planning a road trip and getting ready for nature, it is always good to keep them health and safety in mind. Hope this guide is helpful for you and wish you guys could have a great trip ahead!