Connect RO System to Refrigerator - Small Water Pressure Tank for Smart Reverse Osmosis, with 1/4" Water Tubing - Waterdrop PMT

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Key Features
  • [Creative solution for tankless RO system]This small water pressure tank helps solve tankless reverse osmosis water filter problems: (i) water pulse due to inconsistent water pressure, especially when using the refrigerator with other appliances over a long distance, and (ii) delay in producing filtered water.
  • [DIY installation]The manual provides simple instructions on how to install this water pressure tank. You get a ¼” quick-connect design out-of-the-box. All you have to do o complete the installation is to cut off the water outlet tubing of the RO system, then insert both ends of the tubing into the tank.
  • [Best-in-class quality]This pressure tank has undergone several tests, such as burst, pulse, static pressure, fall off, and tightness tests. The tank is super-durable and will not even leak in the event of high pressure. You also get a 1-year service.
  • [Premium and safe materials]Only high-quality food-grade materials make up each component of this product. They are 100% safe and sustainable. The presence of carbon steel also adds more durability.
  • [Tank size]Despite the small size (4.1 x 4.1 x 7.3 inches), the water tank offers a large capacity, especially under the sink. Enjoy a smooth dispensing with a 1L large capacity, as well as uniform, clearer ice cubes.
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Compatibility The water storage tank works perfectly with all systems with ¼” water tubing.
Smaller Size, Large Capacity Require a small space, thanks to the compact design. In addition, the 1L capacity ensures an even and faster dispense of pure water.
Top Quality Using only 100% BPA-free, food-grade, sustainable, and recyclable materials, this small water tank is safe for use. It is certified durable, having passed static pressure tests.
Good Partner With Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems This product resolves the pulse issues resulting from long-distance connections of the RO system with refrigerators and other water appliances. It allows you to use RO system in the distance of up to 16 feet.