Waterdrop Portable Water Filter Straw with Collapsible Water Pouch and Gravity Water Bag

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Product Information
Color Blue
Included Components 1.5 Gal Portable Foldable Gravity-Fed Water Bag, BPA-Free Reusable Collapsible Water Bag, Personal Water Filter Straw
Item Weight 4.6 ounces
Part Number WD-FSBUL-1
Purification Method Hollow Fiber Membrane , Activated Carbon
Questions and Anwsers

What contaminants does the water filter straw reduce?

Waterdrop filter straw adopts a 0.1-micron hollow fiber membrane to reduce most of the harmful substances in water. It uses four-stage filtration, reducing contaminants—from large particles to extremely tiny particles effectively to ensure the safety of the water.

How many times can you use a straw water filter?

Waterdrop filter straw can provide safe drinking water up to 100,000 gallons. You can use it again after backwashing.

Can I use this filter straw to filter saline water?

No, the filter straw can be used to filter freshwater rather than saline water.

I have used the personal water filter straw only once and it no longer works, why?

If the straw is not cleaned up after use, the filter element will be blocked. It should be repeatedly backwashed to remove impurities on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane.

How to buy replacement filter straws and water bags?

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