Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, TDS Reduction, 400 GPD Fast Flow, Tankless, Smart Faucet, 1:1 Drain Ratio, WD-G2-B (2 Cartridges and 1 Faucet Included)

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, TDS Reduction, 400 GPD Fast Flow, Tankless, Smart Faucet, 1:1 Drain Ratio, WD-G2-B (2 Cartridges and 1 Faucet Included)


  • [Superior Performance] Removes TDS and 1000+ Contaminants in tap water.
  • [Smart easy-to-install design] Waterdrop RO water filtration system is an innovative all-in-one intelligent water purification system. In just a few minutes, the Waterdrop RO system can be installed completely.
  • [No-tank design] Its no-tank design prevents secondary pollution.
  • [No Waiting for Clean Water] RO system offers faster water flow (400 GPD) and produces pure water more quickly that can satisfy the water demands of the whole family and even small business.
  • [1: 1 Low Water-waste Rate] Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System saves water waste by 300%.
  • [Meets Various Water Demands] Besides installing it under the sink, it can also be connected to a refrigerator to produce pure water and ice from the fridge.

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Why choose the Waterdrop Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System?

New technology, new experience. Two major innovations.

The G2 RO system is 5.9 inches wide and takes up very little space under the sink. The faster and more stable water flow will produce a cup of filtered water in 12 seconds.

The RO system uses the filter composition technology with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 μm, removing most of the contaminants, including heavy metals, and chemical residues in tap water.

Waterdrop is your reliable water solution.

We work hard to meet your needs, and we take feedback from every customer seriously. We are open to your suggestions and would like to help you solve problems.

Superior accessories

Safe material provides clean water all day long.

  • Automatic notification system for safer use
  • The filter life indicators automatically notify you about the service life and usage.

The RO system uses excellent lead-free plastic material. It is equipped with superior filter media that ensures effective filtration. The system also comes with a lead-free brushed nickel faucet and an easy-to-install U-shaped gasket, giving you access to clean water throughout the day.

Innovative composite filter


Filter composition technology

The new filter composition technology employs an excellent filter combination to achieve a more efficient filtration. The filters can soften water and effectively remove more than 1,000 contaminants.


Activated Carbon Block Composite Filter

The CF filter adopts a sediment PP membrane layer and an activated carbon block layer. It removes common impurities such as sediment, rust, large particles, colloids, residual chlorine, fluoride, and scale.


Reverse Osmosis Membrane Composite Filter

With its large filtration area, the MRO filter effectively removes over 1,000 impurities such as heavy metals, organic material, and TDS. The activated carbon block improves the taste of the output water.

Removable contaminants list


Removes common contaminants

The RO system removes 99.99% of TDS, chlorine, bad taste and odor, chloramine, scale, and turbidity.


Removes carcinogens and heavy metals

Removal of carcinogens: chromium (hexavalent), chromium (trivalent), cadmium and cadmium compounds, and ferric oxide.

Removal of heavy metals: lead, mercury, barium, copper, radium 226/228, and aluminum.


Removes contaminants larger than 0.0001 μm

The filter aperture is so fine that contaminants larger than 0.0001 μm cannot pass through the filters, including cysts.


Removes chemical residues in water

Removal of inorganic pollutants: arsenic and inorganic arsenic compounds, fluoride.

Removal of organic pollutants: asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, phenytoin, nitrate, nitrite, bisphenol A, trichloromethane, PFOA, etc.

Filtration media Sediment PP membrane and activated carbon block Reverse osmosis membrane and activated carbon block
Recommended replacement cycle 12 months or 1,100 gallons 24 months or 2,200 gallons
Size (Diameter * Height) 4.9" * 8.1" 4.9" * 15"
Compatible model WD-G2-B/WD-G2-W WD-G2-B/WD-G2-W

Customer Reviews

great product so far, easy to install filter system

This has been a great improvement in my life. I filled 3 to 4 five gallon jugs with spring water every week. Drove 10 miles to do such then carry them upstairs to put them away. We are on city water.(it has a lot of chlorine in it) I needed a unit that had a 6 gallon tank capacity. But I didn't have the space. I installed a dedicated water line pre water softener for the task. It takes about17 minutes to fill a five gallon jug. Much better water than the spring water. As it had a lot of minerals in it. So hopefully I won't need to clean out the coffee maker so often. No chlorine smell anymore and it tastes great. Purchased March 30th. Love it.

This is an amazing product. It was super easy to install. I have installed other RO systems and I really like how easy this was without a tank. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow if you need them. The flow rate is fantastic. I really like the status indicator lights on the front and how it beeps when they need to be changed. They offer a great capacity a couple thousand gallons each. This does not seem to waste very much water and seems true to the 1:1 ratio they claim. I am so grateful to have been able to get this delivered in time for the water shortages caused by the current crisis. This gives me great piece of mind that as long as we have tap water my family will be able to have access to safe and clean water for cooking and drinking. This is a great product and I find it very easy to recommend!

Update 3/14/20 - The TDS meter showed tap water at 240ppm and the Waterdrop RO water at 79ppm. I've had the filter at least a month at this time.

The instructions weren't too hard to understand and installation was not difficult. Many of the connections are simply made by pushing a plastic hose into a locking receptacle. You may want to have some end wrenches on hand as using adjustable pliers only would probably take longer on the one fitting that does require wrench tightening. Overall it did not take long to install.

Once it had gone through its initial 30 minute flush cycle (there's an indicator light to tell you when it's done) the water tasted about like I'm used to RO filtered local water tasting. An electric pump come on when you turn on the faucet. The noise isn't very loud but it's there.

I looking at these systems this one seems to offer convenience of installation, neat appearance, a compact package and easy filter changing. The filters aren't the market yet but apparently MSRP on them is $25 for the annual replacement filter and $80 for the 24 month replacement filter. I don't know if the system actually keeps track of time to remind you or if it just tracks gallons filtered. I suspect it does both so if you use a lot of filtered water your filter costs might be higher. It apparently has an alert system that changes the colors of the lights on the panel and makes noises when you take water from a filter on its last legs.

I ordered a TDS meter to check the water quality and I'll update the review when I get that done.

Almost the same taste as the best bottled water. Easy install when compared multiple filter tank systems... Good so far'

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Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System